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first_imgIS IT TRUE That the Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville has hired its sixth person to serve as president and CEO in its ten years history?…the new leader of the often embattled organization is named Ellen Horan?…Ms. Horan came to Evansville as a trailing spouse when her spouse took an executive position at Accuride?…Horan most recently was employed as president and CEO of the Greater Reading (Pennsylvania) Chamber of Commerce and Industry until late 2015 when she came to Evansville with her husband?…as a well educated professional and a trailing spouse, we are glad to see her find a position in Evansville that may utilize both her experience and education?IS IT TRUE we are hearing that a member of the Vanderburgh County Commission has been pushing members of the County Council to join her effort to combined both governmental office into one common area?  …she have been told several times by leadership of the County Council that they aren’t interested in consolidating both offices?  …we have been told that preliminary plans have been drawn for this project? …we also have been told that the cost to combine both county offices could be around $500,000?IS IT TRUE during the early years, the Veterans Memorial Coliseum was the place where the best entertainment occurred. This included hosting car shows, the Shrine Circus, and Evansville College used to play its basketball games there. Once Roberts Stadium was built in the fifties, the Coliseum lost some of its appeal and it closed in 1969. The Coliseum that was built by the city and was given to Vanderburgh County around this time. During the waning years of not being in use, the Coliseum deteriorated until the Veterans Council of Vanderburgh County took it over and started to renovated the building.  …we want to thank members of the Veterans Council of Vanderburgh County for saving this historic landmark from the wreaking ball?  …we resent that a couple of our elected officials tried to meddle in the daily business activities of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum?  …we are pleased with the way that Veterans Council of Vanderburgh County Commander Mark Acker and his staff are running this facility on behalf of the taxpayers of this community?  …we would like for the person that demanded that Commander Acker hand over the keys to the Veterans Memorial Coliseum to  him please go and hide under a rock?IS IT TRUE that Forbes Magazine has released it’s list of the 15 fastest growing cities in the United States for the period from July 2014 – July 2015?…there are some cities that are having some explosive population growth and the top two literally grew by more people than are in the City of Evansville in a single year?…Dallas and Houston both in the State of Texas grew by more than 120,000 people in a single year?…back before 1900 Evansville was larger than both Dallas and Houston, neither of which has any physical asset that compares to the Ohio River?…we don’t know what they are putting in the water to have an economy that can attract that many people but the low levels of regulation and high self esteem that Texans seem to have must be responsible for these population explosions?…other cities on the growth list were San Antonio, Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Miami, Tampa/St. Pete, and Seattle?IS IT TRUE that this week is the 50th anniversary of the North High School Indiana State Basketball Championship that happened in 1967?…that is a good memory from childhood and it was a time when Evansville was a much more happening place than it is today?…a little known fact is that the Harrison Warriors that year had two players who went on to play for Jacksonville State?…the star of that Jacksonville team was future NBA star Artis Gilmore who led Jacksonville and the two stars from Harrison to the NCAA championship where the lost to John Wooden’s UCLA Bruins?FOOTNOTE:  Today’s “Readers Poll” question is: Should the Vanderburgh County Council approve the spending of $500,000 to combined both county offices into one business pod?FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

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