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first_imgEver since Apple introduced the MacBook Air in 2008, the laptop/netbook replacement has been doing swift business. Apple likes selling products that are minimalist in design, and it’s hard to deny how beautiful the machine is. Now, as has been rumored before, it looks as though the 11- and 13-inch Air models are set to be joined by a 15-inch version next month.As usual, Apple doesn’t talk about future products, but that doesn’t stop other manufacturers who support Apple’s devices from discussing details. At the UK CU Exposed tech show held at the London Film Museum yesterday, one well-known Apple accessory company stated the 15-inch MacBook Air will arrive in April.According to Electricpig, this company specializes in Mac docks, and is totally convinced the new laptop will appear next month. As for what this means for the MacBook Pro, Apple will only produce the 17-inch model going forward, with the 15-inch Air replacing the rest of the line-up.Introducing a 15-inch Air will be welcomed by many Apple fans. Combining the super-thin form factor of the Air with a larger display makes sense for a lot of users who enjoy/require the extra screen real estate. What will be lost is the optical drive, and apparently the Ethernet port is disappearing too. You can argue neither component matters much anymore with most software offered for digital download, and wireless connections being the norm.If the 15-inch Air rumor turns out to be true, Apple doesn’t even have to think about how to price it. The high end 13-inch MacBook Air costs $1,599, where as the 15-inch MacBook Pro starts at $1,799 rising to $2,199. Apple can just match the Pro pricing for a 15-inch Air and likely increase profit margins significantly due to fewer components being required.Even if it doesn’t happen in April, the success of the Air coupled with Apple’s desire for ever “cleaner” designs, make it inevitable the MacBook Pro will be replaced eventually.Read more at Electricpiglast_img read more

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