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first_imgPeople have been hacking together ways to control their Windows PCs using Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller for months now. Microsoft had promised for months that they would open up the Kinect to developers looking to use it for PC applications and games, but never said when that development kit would be ready. Today, Microsoft finally took the wraps off of the Kinect for Windows SDK and made it available to the public.Microsoft Research‘s official Kinect SDK is free, in beta, and available to any interested developer looking to come up with a way to use Kinect to control a Windows PC application or interface. Microsoft also says they’re working on a version of the SDK specifically for commercial applications. The goal is to give the Kinect new life as a PC peripheral and not just an attachment for the Xbox 360 games console.AdChoices广告The SDK can be downloaded from the Microsoft Research website, and both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions are under 22MB. The kit includes a smaple game which you can see a video of below:Microsoft wants to see Kinect motion controllers used in kitchens, doctor’s offices, or repair shops, where people often have dirty fingers or difficulty using a computer while doing their job at the same time. Ideally you could use a Kinect to interact with a PC while you’re cooking without having to run and wash your hands to use a keyboard and mouse, or in a doctor’s office where you’ve already washed up but don’t want to risk contamination from using a computer.It remains to be seen if there’s real demand for Kinect on the PC beyond tech demos of future user interfaces and interesting but unrealistic ways to play PC games like World of Warcraft with motion control. Now that the SDK is official and a commercial one is on the way, we may see some fresh interest at least in the short term.Learn all about the SDK at Microsoft Research, via GeekWirelast_img read more

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