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first_imgMilk from this donation was also distributed to CHOW and Catholic Charities of Broome County. CEO of American Dairy Association North East Rick Naczi explained, “Our dairy farmers are actually going through a pretty difficult time themselves, but they’re very community-oriented, very family-oriented, and they want to do something to help the community.” Bordeau expressed he’s happy to help both his families and the dairy farmers. Bordeau hopes to repeat this process in two weeks. “Oh I know the families will be thrilled, anytime we have something extra for them they’re always so very appreciative of what we can do for them,” said Bordeau. However, some dairy farmers are choosing to turn the tables on their circumstances. “Farmers are struggling right now, dairy farmers especially, to be able to help them out, and help our families out, you see unemployment is so high right now, families are struggling, so just a gallon of milk alone just is tremendous savings for them, so anything we can do to help our community, we want to do it,” he explained.center_img BOCES Senior Food Services Director Mark Bordeau told 12 News 3,900 gallons of milk were donated and will be distributed through the BOCES meal program, helping to feed children in Broome and Tioga County while out of school. Dairy Farmers of America and American Dairy Association North East joined forces Wednesday to donate thousands of gallons of milk to the Southern Tier. “Right now in the dairy industry we’ve had a drop-off of sales because of that fact that people can’t go out to restaurants anymore, because of that we’ve had a surplus of milk and our farmers are trying to make sure they take advantage of helping the people who need milk now by using that milk appropriately where they can,” Naczi explained. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — As 12 News continues to follow the struggles of dairy farmers amid the coronavirus crisis, Wednesday, two major dairy organizations donated thousands of gallons of extra milk to the Southern Tier. And if it weren’t for projects like this one, Naczi said, “Some of this project would be disposed of, which really is tough on the farmers, they’re trying to feed people, they’re trying to make the product and having to have it run into the field somewhere is very difficult.”last_img read more

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