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first_imgAs a rule, she said, an outer shell of washable nylon or polyester is more likely to repelwater after cleaning and is less likely to tear than one of 100 percent cotton or amicrofiber. Parkas may have a drawstring at the waist or the bottom. Both keep warm air in andcold air out. Drawstrings on the outside, Hibbs said, are easier to use than those on theinside. And the next few weeks aren’t a bad time to buy one. “The best cuffs are snug, knitted and tucked under a longer sleeve,” she said. “Theykeep out the cold and fit comfortably over gloves.” “As the winter wears on, parkas will be going on sale,” said Judy Hibbs, a family andconsumer scientist with the University of Georgia Extension Service. “The selectionwon’t be as good as in the fall. But you can get some good buys.” * Thicker fill is warmer. That’s true whether the filling is costly down or inexpensivepolyester, Hibbs said. “Some parkas have a zip-out liner,” Hibbs said. “You can wear the liner alone, theshell alone or both.” “Parkas that must be dry-cleaned tend to lose their water-repelling ability sooner thanthose that are washed,” Hibbs said. * Make sure it’s roomy enough to allow for layers of clothing. “Men’s or unisex parkas may be too large for small women,” Hibbs said. “But theirextra-long sleeves are an advantage for tall women. The longer the parka, the morebody it covers. All other factors being equal, the more body it covers, the warmeryou’ll be.” These hooded, pullover garments have long been prized in more frozen climates. Overtime, parkas’ popularity has spread southward into places like Georgia. Georgia winters aren’t exactly arctic. But February winds often have enough of an icyedge to make you wish for a warm new parka. Most parkas have a cargo pocket on each side that opens from the top and ahand-warmer pocket that opens from the side. “An angled hand-warmer pocket is easierto use than one with a vertical opening,” she said.center_img Other features can affect how happy you’ll be with your new parka. A hood that rolls up and stores in the parka’s collar can be convenient, she said, if itdoesn’t make the collar too bulky. Hoods that zip on and off are more convenient thatthose attached by snaps. With catalog parkas, use temperature designations as a rough guide to makecomparisons within the same company. “This method won’t work when comparing parkas from different catalog companies,since the terminology is rarely the same,” Hibbs said. “If you’re in a store considering parkas, fluff them up and compare the fillingthickness,” she said. “Those that have the most loft and are the longest should be thewarmest.” * Decide how much warmth you need. Take into account the climate, how sensitiveyou are to cold and what you’ll be doing when you wear it. But there are so many styles and makes of parkas. How do you know which is best foryou? * How it’s cleaned has a lot to do with how long a parka will stay water-repellent. Hibbs has some tips to help you decide. “Generally, the warmer the parka, the better,” she said. “You can always unzip ajacket if you’re too warm. But you may not be able to add layers if you get chilled.” A zipper with a double row of stitching on each side is best, she said. An oversizedzipper tab is easy to grasp even when you’re wearing gloves or mittens.last_img read more

first_imgA hiker from Jackson, Mississippi is alive and well after missing for three days in Sequoia National Park. Mary Joanna Gomez, a traveling nurse working in San Francisco, took a trip to Kings Canyon and Sequoia national parks last weekend. In a rush to see the sunset while visiting Sequoia National Park, Gomez became disoriented and lost the trail. She was reported missing by her family when she failed to arrive at work the following day.  A young bear tied with heavy rope was found dead on the banks of Mills River on Sunday, the Citizen-Times reports. Wildlife officials estimate the bear was 1-2 years old. The rope was tied around the bear’s neck and to it’s left hind limb. “It could be that the bear had been run over, and somebody tried to move it or relocated it with ropes,” wildlife officer Aaron Stronach told the Citizen-Times. The bear had been dead for at least a week and was too decomposed for an autopsy. Wildlife officials are asking anyone with information about the death or relocation of the bear to call 1-800-662-7137.  Crewmembers of the California Air National Guard unsuccessfully searched for hours for Gomez using infrared technology before the co-pilot of the plane spotted a 6-foot by 18-foot S-O-S rock formation and Gomez beside it. A helicopter was dispatched to rescue Gomez, who was a little banged up but in good condition overall. Her survival is credited to the fact that Gomez found a clearing in the forest and stayed there. “We don’t see this too often at all, unfortunately,” Lt. Col. David Weidman told local news station KTLA 5. “Usually lost hikers keep hiking.”  Dead bear found tied with rope in Henderson County, NC The report focuses on sites in the coal regions of Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio that represent opportunities to secure a variety of funding sources like the Abandoned Mine Lands Pilot funds appropriated by Congress and the RECLAIM Act, a bill which would accelerate the distribution of $1 billion of existing funds over five years to revitalize coal communities.center_img The Reclaiming Appalachia Coalition releases report outlining ways to give new life to abandoned coal mines The Reclaiming Appalachia Coalition will release their second annual report today outlining potential projects that would clean up abandoned coal mines. The projects would breath new life into the blighted mines, transforming the coal mine lands into sustainable agriculture businesses, solar farms and other innovations. Woman missing for days in Sequoia National Park spotted by helicopter after spelling SOS with rockslast_img read more

first_img Share Tweet Share 14 Views   no discussions Sharecenter_img LocalNews Mahaut teenager sentence for manslaughter reduced by Court of Appeal by: – November 8, 2011 Sharing is caring! Esau Hector of Mahaut who was convicted of causing the death of his godfather Antoine Anthony in June of 2009 had his sentence reduced from 17 years to 13 years after his attorney Peter Alleyne pleaded to the Court of Appeal of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court on his behalf on Tuesday.Hector who was 17 years old at the time of the incident pleaded guilty to stabbing Antoine Anthony; his godfather.In addressing the Court, Peter Alleyne said that the sentence imposed by the learned trial judge was way higher than any of the past sentencing of this nature.He argued that the seventeen-year sentence is both harsh and inconsistent in law. Before rendering the verdict, Chief Justice Hugh Rawlins said that the appeal justices had considered Hector’s youthfulness, the fact that he entered a guilty plea at first opportunity and that he did not have much guidance. The aggravating factors were also taken into consideration. He further noted that the trial judge should have started with a notional figure as opposed to the maximum sentence in sentencing Hector.Chief Justice Rawlins also agreed with Mr Alleyne’s argument that the seventeen-year sentence was in fact over the bench mark.The appeal against sentence was therefore allowed only to the extent that seventeen years imprisonment is reduced to thirteen years and the thirteen years takes into consideration time already served.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

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