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first_imgCreating 3D models and animating them requires a lot of skill and takes years of practice before you become a professional. Typically an artist will have a mannequin sitting next to their PC as an aid to getting a pose right. But that mannequin can only act as a guide rather than a direct input for an on-screen model in a package like Maya or 3ds Max.Researchers at the University of Tsukuba and the University of Electro-Communications in Japan are aiming to change that by introducing a mannequin peripheral.It is called the Qumarion and consists of a physical mannequin that can be posed in multiple sitting and standing positions. Using QUMA technology, the data from 32 sensors and 16 joints on the model is relayed via USB to the 3D modeling software on a PC. The feedback is instant, allowing an artist to fine tune the pose on the real model and see it copied by the character on-screen.Although it looks perfect for the creation of 3D model posing and key frame animation, the creators believe it will mainly be used to create poses that then get traced over for 2D comic illustrations.At $750 for the complete kit, it’s not overly expensive for an artist to pick up and start experimenting with. At the very least, it should offer a better starting point with a model on screen than having to manually set a pose using a keyboard and mouse.The University of Electro-Communication isn’t new to the area of novel peripherals. Last year researchers there converted the vibration units contained in Sony’s DualShock controllers into a phantom vibration feedback system. Its aim is to make the feeling of getting stabbed or shot in a game more real.More at DigInfo.tvlast_img read more

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