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first_imgToday Apple will be holding what could be one of the company’s most exciting events. Over the last few months the number of Apple products that are in need of a refresh or an official release date have been stacking up, and today’s the date that everything should be revealed. The announcements that know (almost) for sure will happen today will cover the iPad 5, the iPad mini 2, and OS X 10.9 (Mavericks). Along with Mavericks, it’s quite likely that we’ll get an official released date and pricing for the Mac Pro as well as a reveal of the Haswell MacBook Pro laptops. There should also be a refresh to the Mac mini, but that’s far from guaranteed.Rumors have noted that there could be some Apple TV news as well as the iTV (Apple’s smart television) but those are both unlikely, especially the latter. The reveal of the gadget unicorn that is the iTV would make today a truly major event and something that would overshadow even the most exciting of iPad announcements. Other rumors have pointed to a new type of MacBook Pro with a 12-inch display that fits in perfectly between the 11-inch Air and the 13-inch Retina Pro, but after the initial rumors we haven’t heard anything else about this laptop.Everything starts at 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific, at which time this post will start to update in real-time. If you have an Apple device and would like to livestream today’s Apple event, you’ll be able to do that as well.All the fun starts at 1pm ET (10am PT). And we’re live! Tim Cook is on stage. There will be multiple product announced today, but first it’s numbers time.Did you know that the iPhone 5C/5S weekend marked the biggest iPhone launch so far? Because it was. Over 9 million iPhones were sold. Over 64% of people are already using iOS 7. Itunes Radio has streamed over 1 billion songs, this month. The App Store has over 1M apps and 60B downloads, with over $13B being sent out to developers.Craig Federighi is up for OS X Mavericks news…He’s talking performance, which will be done through code enhancements. How do you improve performance through software? Mavericks has a feature called Compressed Memory, which makes small for new applications — it can fix 6GB of data in 4GB of RAM. Mavericks is also smarter about graphics usage vs CPU usage. Mavericks and the Macbooks use OpenCL to take advantage of the GPU to bring major performance gains to the system when doing things like image editing. Other improvements include a Maps app, better multi-monitor support, Flyover, and iBooks for the Mac.It’s demo time. Federighi is using a MacBook Pro and iBooks. It looks pretty slick — there are even videos in books. With Mavericks you’ll be able to sign up for Notifications, say from Gilt or Major League Baseball, and with iCloud Keychain you’ll be able to save passwords across multiple devices. Safari now has shared links and a cool top down view where you can review all your tabs quickly.Federighi is really going on. OS X looks great, but we’ve heard about most of these features already.Apple wants Mavericks in the hands of as many users as possible — this sounds like it’s going to be big. They want to renew your Mac and make it super easy to upgrade. Windows 8 is $199. Apple is announcing a new era for the Mac — Mavericks is free. It’s available today.MacBook time!Today there will be new MacBook Pros. Finally. Both the 13-inch and 15-inch model are getting major updates.The new 13-inch model is 0.71 inches thin, and weighs 3.46lb. It’s powered by Haswell and has Intel Iris graphics. Battery life while using iTunes will be over 9 hours. The storage is PCIe based, it has 802.11 ac, and the storage is all flash. The starting price for new new MacBook Pro is $1299.The new 15-inch MacBook Pro flagship will use Intel’s Crystalwell quad-core processor with Iris Pro graphics. It’ll have up to 8 hours of battery life, PCIe flash, 802.11 ac WiFi, and Thunderbolt 2. This model with start at $1999.Both 2013 MacBook Pros are shipping today.It looks like the rumored 12-inch MacBook Pro isn’t happening.And now the big daddy, the Mac Pro. It’ll use the Intel Xeon E5 with up to 12 cores, up to 30MB cache, and just a single fan. It’ll use up to 64GB of 1866 DDR3 memory. This is the first Mac to come standard with dual graphics. It’ll use Fire Pro graphics card from AMD, with multiple models available. All storage inside is Flash based.  Expansion will be handled by six ThunderBolt 2 ports. There’s a lot more: HDMI, dual audio connections, and lots more fun stuff. This workstation is small, but it’s a tank.At idle is puts out just 12 db and consumes only 43W. It’s no louder than the Mac Mini when sitting on your desktop!It’ll sell for $2999 and be available by the end of this year.(It’s video time, there is a pretty cool Mac Pro commercial detailing how it’s made.)On to apps! iPhoto is being updated as are some other main apps. Photobooks are coming to the iPad, because they are so popular on OS X. iMovie is being updated and desktop-class effects are moving to iOS for the iPad and iPhone. iMovie for the Mac is being redesigned as well. It’ll even play nicely with the high-speed video you capture with the iPhone 5S. iMovie Theater will take your movies and trailers and put them in a single place that integrates with iCloud so they are available everywhere.Garageband is being updated as well. iPhone and iPad versions will work with up to 32 tracks (that’s a lot). We’re getting the Garageband demo now, from a professional music editor named Zander. He’s editing drum grooves and music tracks and so forth. It’s pretty cool if you’re into that kind of thing.And the big news: All the iLife tools (like iPhoto and Garageband) are all free with the purchase of a new Mac.More software, we’re moving from iLife to iWork. Page is being updated for the Mac and iOS. Numbers, Keynote, and all the others are getting updated. Keynote, for example, is getting better transitions and animation tools. Again, it’s cool if you use these tools all the time.It’s demo time once again, but what’s that, a bit of news? iCloud is getting collaboration tools. This will allow multiple people to work on files together, just like in Google Docs.All the productivity apps are now free. Pages, Numbers, everything, it’s all newly updated and free.Well, that was fun but what’s next? Tim Cook is back on stage. It’s time to talk about the 2013 iPad.This month Apple sold its 170 millionth iPad. Wow. Apple has 81% of tablet usage, despite all the competition from Android. Tim went on for awhile, talking about the iPad’s success despite all the competition. It sounded a little bit defensive, but it does seem like the iPad business is going well.Time for a quick commercial break. Apple really does make slick commercials.OK, now it’s time to really talk about the iPad. In 3.5 years the iPad has gotten better and newer, the changes have been huge, but today might be the biggest step yet. Yep, it’s the new iPad.It’s the iPad Air. It’s 1 pound, 7.5mm thick (that’s 20% thinner), with the A7 SoC (not the A7X!), and M7 coprocessor. It still has a 9.7-inch display. This is an all-new iPad.The battery life is 10 hours. It’ll come in silver/white or space grey/black. The iPad Air will replace the iPad 4 and will start at $499.No news about the cameras, but the commercial playing after the announcement said that the cameras were improved. We’ll have to get the specs after the event. There was also no mention of the fingerprint sensor.The iPad 2 will stick around. It’ll still be $399. No details on this, but it should be the same old non-Retina iPad 2 but with a new processor. This’ll be the affordable full-sized option.OK the commercial is over, more iPad talk.Yes: the iPad mini is getting a Retina display. It’ll have expanded LTE support, MiMo WiFi, 802.11 ac, the new HD FaceTime camera, and all day battery life. It’ll be $399 with 16GB WiFi, $529 with LTE. Both run the 64-bit A7 SoC.The original iPad mini is dropping down to $299 if you don’t need a Retina display.Tim Cook is back, he seems to be wrapping up. He’s really excited, or at least he says he’s really excited. Yup, that’s it. One more commercial, a goodbye, and we’re done!More reading:Everything you need to know about the Haswell MacBook ProsMac Pro will be Assembled in the US, no louder than Mac MiniOS X Mavericks update will be free and available today[Photos by @PCMagLive]last_img read more

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