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first_imgIf you’re one of the many who experience the first generation Furby toys in your childhood, you can stop cringing now. Supertoy Teddy is an attempt at Siri-style natural language communication inside a WiFi-enabled teddy bear.Smartphones are trying really hard to feel more like personal assistants in some really basic ways right now. Siri and Google Now serve different purposes for some people, but they both rely on offsite processing of natural language for commands. You speak into your phone, and the command happens quite quickly in most cases, but the actual processing of that information happens elsewhere. As a result, it is difficult to put this kind of technology in what would otherwise seem like really obvious places.In order to make it work seamlessly, whatever you want to interact with using natural language would have to be connected to the Internet, and it would have to be backed by a system that could process that language. Supertoy Robotics thinks they have what it takes, and they are going to stuff the technology inside a teddy bear to try it out.Using a robotic mouth with a voice box that will sync with the words being said, Supertoy Teddy will act autonomously once you turn it on. You won’t have any control over the bear, save for the control you gain by speaking to it.The teddy bear is designed to learn from your conversations and adapt to become a more personalized companion experience. This means you can teach the bear to be nice and polite, or dark and sarcastic. You can issue basic commands to acquire the time, weather, or a horoscope for example. Much in the same way Siri searches for the correct information, the teddy bear will as well.Supertoy Teddy sounds like it could be a really great idea on paper, but in order to make this bear a reality for the masses a Kickstarter project has been created to help finish the hardware and the underlying technologies for search and language.One thing is absolutely certain, these bears will be nothing like those first generation Furby toys.last_img read more

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