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first_imgNZ Herald 17 September 2015Paid parental leave is back on Parliament’s agenda – and the Government has been urged not to use a veto to stop legislation that would extend leave to 26 weeks.A Labour Party bill to extend paid parental leave to 26 weeks passed its first reading, 61 to 60 in Parliament last night, but only with the support of United Future leader Peter Dunne.This year, paid parental leave was increased from 12 weeks to 14 weeks on April 1, and will be extended to 16 weeks in April next year.The Labour bill, in the name of Sue Moroney, would extend paid parental leave to 22 weeks in April next year, and to 26 weeks from April 2018.It would also introduce flexibility for some contact hours with the work place by the parent on leave without losing the entitlement to paid parental leave.The bill now goes to a select committee for public submissions.http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11514156last_img read more

first_imgGuardiola thinks Paris Saint-Germain’s world-record £198 million signing of Neymar from Barcelona last August set the bar for the current transfer market.“We have spent a lot of money, I’m not denying it,” he said. “The problem is we had to spend a lot to change the oldest squad in the Premier League. That doesn’t happen in one transfer window. We needed more time.“Normally we try to be stable with the wages of the players because I think it is good for the team and stability of the club.“It’s £50 million today but years ago it was £20 million. In the past, what the club did, was at that price. Maybe in the future more clubs will spend more than £100 million on one player, like some teams already have. I think the prices next summer will be higher than this winter.”City remain stretched in attack, with Sergio Aguero their only fit senior centre forward as Gabriel Jesus continues to recover from knee ligament damage.Guardiola, though, has no intention of trying to sign another out-and-out striker, saying Raheem Sterling can move in from the wing if needed, as he did when City won 2-1 at Manchester United in December.“We have the two strikers and we do not need another one in that position,” the City boss explained. “Other players can play there in different circumstances. To buy a striker who can only play there: that is not going to happen.“Raheem can play there. He did at Old Trafford and in the United States in pre-season.“He showed me that he can handle that pressure without problems. He’s more of a winger, a No 10, but we are not going to buy a striker.”Share on: WhatsApp City pulls out of Sanchez deal, Man. United waitManchester, United Kingdom | AFP | Pep Guardiola has suggested Manchester City gave up on trying to sign Alexis Sanchez because of the player’s high wage demands.Sanchez looked set to leave Arsenal for the Etihad Stadium until Premier League leaders City ended their pursuit on Monday, leaving the way clear for second-placed Manchester United to move in.The Chile forward has agreed a four-and-a-half year contract at Old Trafford, worth a reported basic weekly wage of £365,000 ($506,000, 414,000 euros) with image rights and bonuses taking that above £500,000.City’s highest-earning players, by comparison, are on around £220,000 a week, and Guardiola did not feel that offering a significantly higher wage to a new signing would benefit the squad as a whole.It is understood the City manager was also unsure about bringing in Sanchez, whom he worked with at Barcelona, mid-season; having failed to secure a deal last August he would have preferred to wait until the summer, when the player’s Arsenal contract was set to expire.“In my time at Barcelona, my time at Bayern Munich and now here, I never pushed the club to say I want those players when the club believes and says that the price is too much,” Guardiola said Friday.“I respect that decision and I move forward to look for another solution because the stability of the club is the most important thing.”– ‘Spent a lot of money’ –Guardiola, whose table-toppers play Newcastle on Saturday, has spent heavily in reshaping City’s squad since his arrival from Bayern in July 2016.Last summer alone, he spent more than £200 million on five players, with around £120 million of that going on three full-backs, in Kyle Walker, Benjamin Mendy and Danilo.City’s Premier League rivals have also been willing to pay significant sums for high-quality players, though, with Liverpool buying centre-back Virgil van Dijk from Southampton for £75 million earlier this month, and Manchester United paying £89 million for Paul Pogba at the start of last season.last_img read more

first_imgThe Thunder meet TSS Academy U18 and Vancouver Island Wave Saturday before concluding the weekend Sunday against TSS Academy U17.The team just returned late last month from the Whitecaps Showcase Tournament in Surrey.Some of the players from the Surrey tourney were injured, reducing the numbers the Thunder has to draw from this weekend.Staff at Mallard’s Source for Sports would like to boast the girl’s confiedence with Team of the Week honours.The club that played in Surrey includes, back row, L-R, Soccer Quest coach Dave Spendlove, Erica Augsten, Tasha Haegedorn, Olivia Alexis, Hailey McLean, Laurel Sheriff, Taylor Stewart, Kelsey, Sarah Fuhr, Maddy Kamloops and Soccer Quest coach Jamie Spendlove.Front, Brynn Forsey, Brittany Wheeler, Andrea Stinson, Paige Mansveld, Ellie Haegedorn, Morag Paterson and Courtney Daley. The Soccer Quest Kootenay Thunder is at it again, heading to Burnaby to play in another Showcase Girl’s Tournament.The squad of players from throughout the West Kootenay region opens the tournament Friday at 11:30 a.m. against Mountain HPL at the Burnaby Lakes Soccer Complex.last_img read more

first_imgBomber starter Nick Wethal was unable to make the trip to the zone finals.Nigel Ziegler scored twice for LVR while Ryan Lewis added the other marker on a penalty kick.LVR advanced to the final by hammering J. Lloyd Crowe Hawks 8-0.Lewis and Spencer Atkins each scored three times while Andrew Tranfo and Jake Anderson added singles.David Thompson now reprensents the Kootenay Zone at the BC High School AA Boy’s Championships November 17-19 in Burnaby.LVR, the two-time defending champion, finished 12th in the 16-team tournament in 2013. There’s no joy in Bomberville after the defending champs were upset in the final of the Kootenay High School AA Boy’s Soccer Championships Saturday in Creston.David Thompson Lakers of Invereme scored three times in the opening half to post a 5-3 victory over L.V. Rogers in the final at Prince Charles Secondary pitch.The Lakers, which took advantage of the suspect defence, held a 3-1 lead at half against a Bomber team that was missing its starting center back.last_img read more

first_img(Visited 45 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Models of the origin of planetary rings are simulations based on fictions. Real physics cannot keep them billions of years old.Theory vs RealismResearchers at Kobe University claim to have an explanation for planetary rings, Science Daily reports. Their supercomputer model accounts for the difference in composition of Saturn’s icy rings, compared to the rocky rings at Uranus and Neptune. The model, however, published in Icarus, relies on two doubtful assumptions. One is the Late Heavy Bombardment (LHB), which we reported on 9/13/16 is coming under fire. It could be a fiction based on poor data analysis of lunar craters. But even if it happened, the model requires heavy doses of luck. Roaming Kuiper Belt Objects would have to come close enough to a planet’s sphere of influence to be captured and disrupted without plunging into the planet or whizzing by at high speed. Appealing to the Late Heavy Bombardment also incurs a timing penalty, taking place far too early to account for the youthful appearance of the rings today. Without a more recent and plausible supply of candidate objects, this latest model seems to reduce to the Stuff Happens Law, for which no empirical evidence of such events is available. No wonder the authors begin, “The origin of rings around giant planets remains elusive.”Here are two examples of ring systems that cannot be as old as their planets.SaturnThe rings of Saturn are labeled by letters. Starting from the planet, they are D, C, B, A, F, G, and E. Farther out is the wide, diffuse Phoebe ring. News about the C ring, the second to innermost of the main rings, shows it cannot be very old. In Icarus, leading planetary ring specialists published latest findings about the contamination fraction of the C ring, and found it quite low: only about 1-2%. This number should be substantially higher if the rings are old. Since these facts fly in the face of old ages, the scientists had to concoct an auxiliary hypothesis to keep Saturn billions of years old.Despite considerable study, Saturn’s rings continue to challenge current theories for their provenance. Water ice comprises the bulk of Saturn’s rings, yet it is the small fraction of non-icy material that is arguably more valuable in revealing clues about the system’s origin and age. Herein, we present new measurements of the non-icy material fraction in Saturn’s C ring, determined from microwave radiometry observations acquired by the Cassini spacecraft. Our observations show an exceptionally high brightness at near-zero azimuthal angles, suggesting a high porosity of 70–75% for the C ring particles. Furthermore, our results show that most regions in the C ring contain about 1–2% silicates. These results are consistent with an initially nearly pure-ice ring system that has been continuously contaminated by in-falling micrometeoroids over ∼15–90 million years, using the currently accepted value of the micrometeoroid flux at infinity of ∼4.5 × 10−17 g cm−2 s−1, and assuming that the C ring optical depth and surface density has not changed significantly during that time… We also find an enhanced abundance of non-icy material concentrated in the middle C ring…. We propose several models to explain the radially varied non-icy material contamination. Our preferred model is that the C ring has been continuously polluted by meteoroid bombardment since it first formed, while the middle C ring was further contaminated by an incoming Centaur, a rocky object torn apart by tides and ultimately broken into pieces that currently reside in the middle C ring. If correct, the spatial extent of the enhanced non-icy material fraction suggests that the Centaur was likely to be captured and integrated into the rings perhaps as recently as ∼10–20 million years ago.Centaurs are comet-like asteroids orbiting between Jupiter and Neptune. 90 million years is an upper limit on how long the C ring has been contaminated; it could be 1/6 of that (15 million), or less, if contamination was not steady. It should be noted that the longest age offered in this model, 90 million years, is just 2% of the assumed age of Saturn. What happened after 98% of the planet’s lifetime to create this extra ring? The lower age, 10 million years, is 0.22% of the assumed age. That’s when their model calls for a sudden influx of silicates from the imaginary Centaur just 10-20 million years ago. Any longer than that, and the material should have spread out throughout the ring.Reverse EngineeringHow can rings rotate the wrong way around a planet? That’s what scientists are wondering about an exoplanet orbiting J1407, a giant planet or brown dwarf. Elizabeth Howell describes the puzzle in Space.com.A strange and colossal ring system around an alien planet is apparently stuck in reverse, circling opposite to the planet’s own orbit around its parent star. While the arrangement appears unstable, new calculations show the rings could remain for at least 100,000 years.That’s thousands, not billions. Even if these rings could orbit in reverse for a hundred thousand years, that doesn’t explain how they got stuck in reverse. “The researchers said they next plan to examine how the ring structure was created, and how it evolves.” PhysOrg says,Rings that turn in this sense (retrograde rings) are not common. Therefore the researchers suspect that there has been a catastrophe that caused the rings (or the planet) to turn the other way around.Confirmation of this phenomenon will have to await further observation, since it was detected indirectly by two astronomers watching eclipses. If confirmed, it seems reminiscent of the broad Phoebe ring that orbits around Saturn the wrong way along with the outermost moon Phoebe (10/07/09). Since none of Saturn’s rings fit neatly within the current paradigm that the solar system is 4.5 billion years old (3/19/10, 2/04/16), planetary scientists are forced to come up with auxiliary hypotheses to explain their origin.In other Saturn news, the BBC reports that the north polar hexagon has changed color since 2012. It may be a seasonal effect as Saturn approaches its summer solstice. The additional sunlight could change the production of suspended particles – aerosols – that refract light differently.The best observations of Saturn’s rings in Cassini’s whole mission will begin soon. For the mission’s “Grand Finale,” flight engineers are setting the spacecraft onto a highly inclined orbit beginning November 30, that by April will make it dive between Saturn and the D ring. Assuming the craft survives this daring move, it should provide the highest-resolution images of the rings from above and below the ring plane (see animation at above link of how this will look). The mission will end with Cassini’s final plunge into the planet on September 15, 2017.Micrometeoroid impact rate is only one factor that destroys rings. Ring particles are also destroyed through a process called sputtering, where charged particles erode their surfaces. Also, rings tend to spread out through collisions, and get dragged into the planet. Even sunlight pressure can create orbital drag.In my occasional conversations with leading ring specialists at JPL, they readily admitted that Saturn’s rings look a lot younger than Saturn. One of them also confessed that he preferred keeping them old for philosophical reasons. He didn’t like the idea that we are living in a special time when the rings are visible on earth. It would make humans look exceptional.I would probably still be working at JPL well into 2017 on the Cassini mission had I not been fired for sharing DVDs about intelligent design. Click here for a summary of what happened. (DC)last_img read more

first_imgzoom Nasdaq-listed tanker shipping company Teekay Tankers has decided to exit the MR2 tanker sector as it reached an agreement to sell its final MR2 chemical tanker Hugli Spirit, according to data provided by VesselsValue.The 46,900 dwt vessel, which features a length of 183 meters and a width of 32 meters, was sold for a price of USD 13 million to an undisclosed buyer.VesselsValue data shows that the tanker has a market value of around USD 14 million.Built in 2005 by South Korea’s shipbuilder Hyundai Mipo, the tanker was part of the company’s fleet of 47 vessels.Following the completion of the sale, Teekay Tankers will operate a fleet consisted of Aframax, Suezmax, LR2 and LR3 tankers, which feature a total of over 5.8 million dwt.World Maritime News Stafflast_img

first_imgThe Canadian Press OTTAWA — Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland says it is likely that malign foreign actors will meddle in Canada’s federal election in October.In fact, she says it is likely that efforts have already been made by foreign entities to disrupt Canada’s democracy.Freeland made the remarks in France, while attending a G7 ministers’ meeting.The G7 is seized with the issue of foreign meddling in democratic countries, and Freeland made the issue a top priority when Canada hosted the bloc last year.She did not specifically mention Russia, but there were widespread reports about that country interfering in Ukraine’s recent presidential election.Freeland says Canada has a lot to learn from countries like Ukraine, which is seen as a veritable laboratory for malign Russian cyber meddling and disinformation.last_img read more

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first_imgNew Delhi: The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Friday removed its Joint Director Satyabrata Kumar, who is now in London assisting UK prosecutors in fugitive diamantaire Nirav Modi’s bail hearing case at the Westminster Magistrates’ Court.In a confusion that erupted consequently because of the repatriation of an official investigating a case such as the PNB bank fraud case, ED headquarters in Delhi overturned Kumar’s repatriation order within minutes. Kumar is the main investigating officer from ED in the Nirav Modi case. Sources here said that Director of ED Sanjay Kumar Mishra has cancelled the order and reinstated him into his original post in the Mumbai Zonal Office (MZO) Unit I. The order, dated March 29, said that Kumar’s five-year tenure with the federal agency had ended. Citing Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) guidelines for personnel deputation, the order states that “no extension in deputation beyond 5th year is allowed and deputationist officer is deemed to have been relieved on the date of expiry of deputation period unless the competent authority has with requisite approvals, extended the period of deputation, in writing, prior to the date of expiry.” According to DoPT guidelines on personnel deputation, an officer’s tenure in the agency might be extended for up to two additional years. ED Special Director Vineet Agarwal had signed the order, which further stated that under the current circumstances, all cases being overseen by Kumar, including the USD 2-billion PNB Bank fraud case against Nirav Modi, must be handed over to his immediate superior authority, the Additional Director (western region), who also sits in Mumbai. The repatriation order, which is in possession of the Millennium Post also mentions a Supreme Court directive passed in November 2018, which forbade ED from transferring any officer investigating the coal block allocation scam. The ED order states that as one of the investigating officers in this case Kumar will continue to probe the case from its MZO. However, according to agency officials, it is not possible for Kumar to oversee any ED investigation if he is relieved of his duties in the federal investigative agency. Director Mishra confirmed on Friday that Kumar has not been transferred and that the necessary paperwork required for his two-year extension has already been moved. This cancellation of Kumar’s repatriation order will be followed by an approval of an extension of tenure of Kumar which has already been sent for clearance to the Department of Revenue under thew Union Finance Ministry and the DoPT, sources here said. The ED also issued a clarification through its Twitter handle. “Certain media reports have been appearing that Joint Director supervising investigation in the case of Nirav Modi has been relieved. This report is not correct and denied,” it said. With PTI inputslast_img read more

Junior quarterback Braxton Miller (5) runs away from a Clemson defender during the 2014 Discover Orange Bowl Jan. 3 at Sun Life Stadium. OSU lost, 40-35.Credit: Shelby Lum / Photo editorMIAMI GARDENS, Fla. — Visibly exhausted, battered and bruised, Ohio State junior quarterback Braxton Miller stood covered in grass stains in front of his locker at Sun Life Stadium with a forlorn look on his face. He and his team had just come up short against No. 12 Clemson in the 2014 Discover Orange Bowl, falling to the Tigers (11-2, 7-1) 40-35.After the loss, Miller said he planned to discuss with coach Urban Meyer and strength coach Mickey Marotti about whether he would forgo his senior season and enter the 2014 NFL Draft.“(I have to) just think it out throughout the whole process and how it will go,” Miller said after the loss about his upcoming decision. “I don’t want to make no decision I really didn’t do my research on.”It looks as if the Buckeye signal caller will come back for one more year, though, according to reports by both ESPN and SI.com. No official announcement has been made by OSU. An OSU spokesman had no information about Miller’s decision when asked.Miller was sacked five times in potentially his last game as a Buckeye, taking plenty of hits and scrambling for control as he tried to rally OSU (12-2, 8-1) to its first postseason win in four years. The first sack of the game did the most damage, Miller said, injuring his shoulder.“On the first sack they had against me, I injured my shoulder. I know I landed on my elbow, but it shot right up to my shoulder, and it was hurting real bad,” Miller said.Miller said the injury nagged him all game and his pain level was “about like a nine and a half” on a scale of one to 10, but the last thing he wanted to do was come out.“You fight through it, because you’re a competitor,” said Miller, who did come out for a two-point conversion play after finding senior running back Carlos Hyde for a 14-yard touchdown that gave OSU the lead in the fourth quarter, 35-34.Meyer said he asked Miller if he could go after injuring the shoulder, getting a brief response from the junior: “I’m fine.”“He’s a soldier,” Meyer said during a postgame press conference. “I think on the two-point play he had to come out, but he said he was ready to go.”Miller’s toughness did not go unnoticed by his opponent either.“You tip your hat to a guy like (Miller),” Clemson redshirt-sophomore linebacker Kellen Jones said after the game. “You have to anticipate his move before he makes it, because before you know it, he’s out of there … He’s a great talent and it was great going up against him.”The Buckeye signal caller finished with 234 yards passing, completing 16 of 24 passes for two touchdowns, and running for two more scores. The second of his two interceptions all but sealed the win for the Tigers, though, as he was picked off by junior linebacker Stephone Anthony while trying to hit senior wide receiver Corey “Philly” Brown over the middle with less than 90 seconds left.“I didn’t see (Anthony). It was good coverage, I’ll give him props,” Miller said about the interception. “That’s why he’s on the field too, he got a scholarship as well. He made a good play on the ball and I thought I had a man wide open, and he jumped right in front of it.“I thought I had Philly on a bender, and it was my mistake,” Miller said. “I’m not going to complain about anything, I’ve just gotta fix it.”It appears that Miller is planning to fix those mistakes in Columbus as he prepares for his senior season, despite alluding to the possibility of leaving early over the past month.“Oh, yeah. Of course. Definitely,” Miller said Dec. 18 when asked if he felt like his skills translated to the professional ranks. “Just like I came from high school. Coaches going to get you prepared, get you mentally ready for everything that you need to get ready for. It’s another step in life.”If he does stay, Miller knows one man will play a huge part in getting ready for the next stage of his life.“I’ve got to think hard about it. I will talk to coach Meyer and see what he thinks,” Miller said. “He’s been through the process many times, so that’s the guy to go to. He never steers you wrong and ever since I got here, he took me under his wing and taught me a lot of things.” read more

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