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first_imgThe once solid relationship that existed between Sonie Grant, the manager of Eric Geso, and disc jockey Michael Smith, who booked the singer for a two month tour in Australia last year, has ended in chaos.The news of the split between the two shocked many fans, especially considering the then strong relationship that appeared unbreakable.The pair could, however, not stop the breakup, which came as a result of Michael Smith, alias DJ Flexz, saying that he never had a US$7,000 deal with Sonie Grant.The money in question was Eric Geso’s performance fee for the tour in Australia, which was to be paid, according to sources, to the artist’s manger after the tour.Addressing the issue, DJ Flexz said: “He had the deal done with Eric and K Zee when he was in Liberia before meeting Sonie. She will not get a cent from me because I do not have a deal with her,” Flex said when the news about their split emerged.However, a leaked Facebook communication between the two clearly shows that a deal existed between the pair, for which DJ Flexz agreed to pay the US$7,000.In response to his claim, Sonie narrated that she is shocked by DJ Flexz’s claims that the agreement never existed.In that leaked conversation, DJ Flexz told Sonie, “As I stand I’m completely broke, so don’t expect it till after the first or second event.” Furthered, DJ Flexz said that the payment was going to be split, but did not indicate how it will be done. Part of the agreement also called for good shelter and personal security to be provided for the award winning artist. “DJ Flexz is lying. We had an agreement which is proven in that leaked conversation. The first amount agreed upon was US$5,000, but he later agreed to pay US$7,000 in two installments,” said Sonie. “What I cannot believe is that this guy who now denies knowledge about the deal once begged me to trust him since we were building a long term partnership.”Meanwhile, Eric Geso has not made any comments whether he received the money or not.In addition, report has it that the ‘No Spacing’ crooner is not even communicating with his manger and has even dumped her for DJ Flexz, who he believes has done sometime better for him than his manager.In a related development, Sonie has threatened to sue anyone who will work with Eric Geso without her consent. “I signed this guy a year ago and this contract is still in existence. I’m about to get out of my comfort zone and take action. I have been overlooked and not respected by my artist. I’m about to tell him that I’m his manager and deserves fair treatment. Not because I’m a woman, so I should be disrespected,” she said. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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