Month: June 2017

food and beverage industry has been profitable industry on the market, so many people want to join in the catering industry, but do not know what the most profitable franchise store today, listen to all network Xiaobian for you recommend some fast money in stores.

incense eight party barbecue

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this article, I hope every one of the friends who want to gold in the field of food and beverage, you can read. In 2011, our company moved to Wangjing, near the company has a medium-sized commercial center. The business center is near the rings, there is no subway near the bus station, but in four in the range of several residential, apartment buildings, a middle school and a large office, including Ye Qing Petrova, Qiming, Cyberport, Motorola building, Rui Chong, Ericsson, etc. Wangjing Shuanghe industrial park. There is a street near the 600 and Lotte mart. Lotte Mart has regular shuttle bus shuttle, range out of Wangjing.

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this year’s double 11 Tmall and produce a surprising answer, let the other 91 billion 200 million business platform to catch up. Behind this carnival of the people, the impact of the electricity supplier economy on the real economy has been turned out this topic, let us work together to analyze.

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the development of the economy and society of a country without a good political constitution, whenever a social economic development to a certain extent it will require some of the political system reform, in order to better adapt to the development of economy and society, at present our country occupation qualification to cancel, this is a requirement the development of the times.

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recently, China President Xi Jinping Jane also conducted a series of inspection work in some parts of the country, especially in the two days before the inspection of the northeast region, but also to the local social and economic development and puts forward some new suggestions.

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college students a lot of entrepreneurs, many of whom are successful. When the general college students to their parents for money to buy clothes, pay tuition, students from the original Yang Hu Ruiwen opened the shop month turnover of nearly one million, enough to earn tuition, travel fees at the same time, also accumulated reserve funds for future business expansion.

School of Journalism and communication at Henan University

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a successful brand, there must be a reason behind its success. A long time ago, there was a flaw in the soap packaging line used by unilever. They couldn’t sell the empty boxes to the customers, and they had to ask an automated postdoctoral student to design a plan to sort out the empty soap box.

cannot be viewed simply as Unilever and Southern small factory. Because postdoctoral may not think of the idea of high-power electric fan blowing, but this idea may not be suitable for Unilever’s requirements. There are Master   put forward, hundreds of thousands of although the cost of 90 yuan higher than the fan, but can ensure the detection rate of 100%, while the efficiency is high, the process did not affect the normal production line, will not bring harm to the production line. If the   method; blowing fan, although very effective, but may have a more serious problem: please look at the analysis as follows:

1   the process was disallowed in the empty box in the tumbling and mutual collision of unforeseen circumstances may produce the box, the non empty box shift or also knocked. This will cause a certain amount of interference in the subsequent steps of the production line (such as the impact of the subsequent automatic boxing), which may cause the entire production line to pause. In order to speed up the pace of Unilever, once an empty box flying chaos read more

said Chongqing delicacy, only Chongqing Hot pot is known throughout the country, so more and more people want to invest in Chongqing Hot pot stores, and for entrepreneurs, Chongqing Hot pot shop, want to occupy the market in the fierce competition, we must start from many aspects to grasp the skills of shop.

1, Chongqing hot pot franchise core competitiveness – hot pot taste

a Hot pot shop must is the most important Hot pot flavor, taste only to customer satisfaction, in order to Hot pot shop vitality; if do not have their own characteristics Hot pot shop customer taste, eat only fill the stomach, it doesn’t last long Hot pot shop. This is why hot pot restaurant managers are willing to spend money to please the reasons for hot pot chef. The taste of dishes in Hot pot itself, mainly composed of a bottom material, dipped in soup and dish decision, of course, usually the headquarters will provide franchisees with a good Hot pot bottom material, franchisees generally cannot own separate ingredients. Even so, we can still in the hot pot side dishes, dip, service to do the article, so that customers enjoy the different flavors and characteristics. read more

no matter what is the need for skills, look at the entire market, people are most concerned about what it is, how to have a fixed capital to start a business?


10 million entrepreneurship may not spend a lot of money to buy equipment, so the entrepreneur must use their professional skills to win. For example, SOHO investment may be only 100 thousand yuan, the first purchase of computer equipment, printers, fax machines and other simple equipment can set up a studio, but the SOHO group must have professional technology, such as web site construction, animation design, foreign language translation, art editor, text and so on, only superb professional ability to let customers satisfaction, career long.

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modern consumer demand for more and more services in the store, to a Chinese fast food restaurant to eat, not only requires a quick meal, taste good, but also require service in place. So franchisees need to improve the quality of the store staff, only in this way can gradually get more consumer recognition.

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