2011 to join the most profitable shop

food and beverage industry has been profitable industry on the market, so many people want to join in the catering industry, but do not know what the most profitable franchise store today, listen to all network Xiaobian for you recommend some fast money in stores.


incense eight party barbecue http://s.www.shang360.com/item/16301/

3 blame juice snack http://s.www.shang360.com/item/16063/

3 minutes a strange juice snacks, delicious, let your life, blame 3 juice snacks to join, is to let you choose life! Good business is in front of you, seize the time, act quickly! Strange 3 chicken, chicken wings, chicken juice is rich in vitamin A, carotene…… Eat nutrition is kingly way: a more healthy nutrition.

3 strange juice process is the key techniques: old snacks + improvement process, will retain nutrients, to ensure that the meat is tender, sweet but not greasy. It is a selling point: 3 juice snack crisp chicken, chicken wings 3 strange sauce bite with crisp skin dry, loose, fall apart, is a must.

strange 3 chicken juice stalls less investment, big profits, only 3-5m2, 1-2 can be a decent business, blame 3 juice snack business effect is even more amazing than ordinary stores, in the bustling stalls store than the average store high profits by 40%.

also surprised great damage to KFC and McDonald’s in China? Still jealous, great wealth in their Chinese fishing? Never mind, Fu Ji brother fast food Amie >

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