The five key elements of Chongqing hot pot restaurant

said Chongqing delicacy, only Chongqing Hot pot is known throughout the country, so more and more people want to invest in Chongqing Hot pot stores, and for entrepreneurs, Chongqing Hot pot shop, want to occupy the market in the fierce competition, we must start from many aspects to grasp the skills of shop.

1, Chongqing hot pot franchise core competitiveness – hot pot taste

a Hot pot shop must is the most important Hot pot flavor, taste only to customer satisfaction, in order to Hot pot shop vitality; if do not have their own characteristics Hot pot shop customer taste, eat only fill the stomach, it doesn’t last long Hot pot shop. This is why hot pot restaurant managers are willing to spend money to please the reasons for hot pot chef. The taste of dishes in Hot pot itself, mainly composed of a bottom material, dipped in soup and dish decision, of course, usually the headquarters will provide franchisees with a good Hot pot bottom material, franchisees generally cannot own separate ingredients. Even so, we can still in the hot pot side dishes, dip, service to do the article, so that customers enjoy the different flavors and characteristics.

2, Chongqing hot pot raw materials procurement

Chongqing Hot pot industry there is a sentence "all the money, all around is the hole", this sentence means that a store in the process of Hot pot waste paper, bottles, caps and other seemingly insignificant materials can be replaced with money; but Hot pot in every aspect, including purchasing, ingredients, condiments and other waste a little, then will lead to Hot pot store profitability difficult, this problem is hard to find, but always have "business is hot, profit" phenomenon.

raw material procurement is an important part of the hot pot and even the entire food and beverage industry management, a direct impact on operating costs. Usually, it is recommended in the early days of the opening, the hot pot shop operators are responsible for procurement, in order to understand the food and raw materials prices, market conditions, the quality of the pros and cons, the only way to effectively control the procurement costs. For example: squid, the quality of different manufacturers will be different, the number is not the same, a direct impact on customer taste. Only to understand the squid Market, to make the right purchasing decisions. Now a lot of purchasing staff is the boss’s relatives or cronies as a matter of fact, if there is a good management system and methods, you can choose another person.

3, Chongqing hot pot franchise features

Chongqing hot pot restaurant taste for a long time may not change, but the characteristics of the product will certainly vary with different seasons. Under the premise of ensuring the taste, almost every successful hot pot shop has its own flagship product features, hard and hard products, directly affect the reputation and profitability of the hot pot. Sometimes, diners are directed to the characteristics of the product to go. However, the characteristics of the product is not the beginning of the need for a long time to nurture and develop, it is necessary to increase the recommended

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