Tianjin new deal to support public entrepreneurship can be used as a residential premises

we all know that in many places of commercial housing is actually not allowed to carry on the business, is not can be used as business premises, but now such a cognitive in Tianjin has been broken down, because Tianjin issued a new deal, let’s look at.

"management measures" to relax the market players domicile (place of business) registration conditions, allow a photo multiple access "and" according to a multi site, and allow for residential residence or place of business registration, and provides convenience for the registration of market players. At the same time to relax residence (place of business) registration materials and the registration and examination requirements, require the applicant to obtain the legal right to use the residence or place of business before to register with the market supervision department, the registration materials submitted in reducing other documents in the residence or place of business, including reducing the residential as a residence or place of business to neighboring relations the consent of the owner of the file.

"management measures" also strengthen the market of the main residence (business premises) the main responsibility, strengthen the main responsibility of residence or place of business of the applicant and the relevant departments of the regulatory responsibility and performance requirements. In violation of residence or place of business registration other provisions, such as the violation of the "Tianjin City air pollution control regulations", "Tianjin city housing safety management regulations", "Tianjin city housing lease regulations" and "Tianjin Street comprehensive law enforcement procedures" and other relevant provisions of the act, the functional departments according to the functions, duties, collaborative management.

Standardize the management of

Tianjin issued the "registered capital registration system reform program" is actually in order to comply with the recommendation

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