Using the nternet thinking made Chongqing 60 noodle join returns

a lot of people want to be a good project to make money, can start from the most basic rigid demand, the popular restaurant because of the rigid demand is relatively stable, because more and more characteristics of the economy, more convenient to get the market approbate and welcome. Chongqing sixty noodle is popular in the catering industry to join a hot investment project, and want to get more wealth, can skillfully use the Internet thinking to operate.

Internet indeed subvert many industries, including the media, movies, books, music, and deeply influence and intrusion of many other industries, such as retail, mobile phone, TV, wearable devices, local life services etc.. On the macro or micro market catering to join Chongqing 60 noodle stores, Internet, Internet thinking, O2O of the three parties can really play a role. Important is not the Internet but the Internet thinking. Only in-depth line, and Chongqing 60 noodle stores boss talk, in order to truly understand the essence of food. In a narrow sense, perhaps is to eat food tea, Chongqing noodle shop is around 60 to join to attract customers to create profits. But in fact, the real food and beverage people do is a culture and heritage, attention is the reputation and brand, carrier is the dishes and services.

as the O2O line of the catering industry, should think about how to using differentiated services to meet the needs of different Chongqing 60 nanowires franchise owner needs, rather than the group purchase land fly, this is not thinking of using the Internet or want to use the Internet thinking to do Chongqing 60 noodle stores boss’s needs. The takeaway is not the same, the reservation is only a part of it. If you want to use the Internet to transform the thinking of the food and beverage industry, then the market analysis framework should be based on this basic premise. Especially when the popularity of the Internet thinking in the catering industry, how to set the service orientation is a dynamic thinking to the future Chongqing 60 meter.

Internet thinking catering industry colorful. Chongqing sixty noodle stores while the success is a typical case of the Internet thinking transformation of the catering industry, but also for the upgrading and transformation of traditional catering industry to inject new ideas, but return to the food essence, still in the line of Chongqing sixty noodle stores as the main carrier in Chongqing, 60 noodle stores taste, environment and service as the core, and then spread to drive Chongqing 60 stores reputation vermicelli. These are based on the guidance of the Internet thinking to achieve. Chongqing sixty noodle stores reputation detonated, one Chongqing 60 vermicelli is because the strategy for its products and services, which is the core foundation; the other party is Chongqing 60 nanowires thanks to the Internet as a powerful tool for their products to the reputation of nuclear fusion style quickly spread, it is free brand benefit, make its rapid income. This is the Internet subversion of the traditional way of brand communication, so with the very low cost to the food and service of the Chongqing sixty noodle plus recommended

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