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now jewelry industry as people continue to improve the level of consumption is now ushered in the peak of the development, for many young entrepreneurs, investment jewelry industry is a good opportunity to make money. Many friends have ignored the small business, but investors have forgotten a problem, China has a huge consumer groups, so the principle of gross profit margin in China is fully applicable. So how to join the jewelry business?

A. content: jewelry is a silent language to join, so it needs rich connotation. Foreign jewelry to join or on behalf of popular elements, a certain cultural plot, or emotional catharsis, so that women feel a resonance. The China jewelry without any meaning, is a "dead", the lack of a sense of intimacy.

B. design: jewelry industry to join the most heavy design and development, which is a high risk of high investment, once the failure will lead to devastating consequences. However, China’s modern jewelry enterprises to join the small scale, poor strength, can not have their own design, only drift. C. production: imported products occupy a large market, the price is expensive, many consumers will stop; large domestic jewelry production enterprises for foreign investment, almost all export products; small workshop style production enterprise products mostly to spread the goods, low prices, poor quality, no repeat customers, commonly known as "short-lived business".

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