in the process of economic development in the long term, because the rapid development of the pursuit of a single economy, resulting in serious environmental pollution, human life on earth, living in a modern city life, although the living standards improved, but the air pollution and water pollution is a serious threat to people’s health. To create a healthy ecological environment, not only benefit the broad masses of the people’s health, but also conducive to sustainable economic development.

[according to the Jiangsu provincial Environmental Protection Bureau of CBRC statistics, credit outstanding (green) enterprise credit balance of 243 billion 100 million yuan, 53 billion 500 million yuan over the beginning of growth, an increase of 28.2%; environmental protection (blue) good credit enterprise credit balance of 553 billion 300 million yuan, 47 billion 900 million yuan over the beginning of growth, an increase of 9.5%, the two together accounted for all of the environmental credit rating enterprise credit balance ratio 91.7%. ]

"people do not believe that no letter", credit is the cornerstone of the market economy". When dishonest growth, how to talk about the sound development of the market economy?

in June this year, Jiangsu province Yuanda Seaweed Industry Co., Ltd. and other 5 companies, because of its poor environmental credit, Suqian City Environmental Protection Bureau was assessed as "black" business, and open to the public.

it’s not over yet. In accordance with the environmental protection department of Jiangsu province "on the use of credit means to strengthen it in the post regulatory environment guidance" and other relevant provisions of the Suqian Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau suspended the 5 companies next year to declare all kinds of special funds for environmental protection qualification, and inform the business case of environmental violations, environmental protection departments will follow the same level of discretion the upper limit of punishment.

subsequently, the local financial institutions also announced that the 5 companies do not provide loan support. According to the Jiangsu province this year, the first in the country to establish the implementation of differential pricing policy based on the level of environmental credit rating, the electricity sector for these 5 enterprises per kilowatt hour (KWH) increase of 0.10 yuan.

in Jiangsu of Zhangjiagang City, environmental protection credit "black" enterprises, not only loans, environmental liability insurance rates will increase, the relevant departments shall not handle the administrative license, suspend the acceptance of the project environmental impact assessment……

this is the price of dishonesty! Jiangsu took the lead in the country to take a series of innovative measures, and gradually establish and improve the social credit system, so that dishonesty everywhere.

"First Financial Daily" reporter learned that, in Jiangsu, credit management is not limited to the field of environmental protection. According to the "Jiangsu social credit system construction plan (2015-2020)", credit management has been extended to the government, business, social, judicial and other fields, the "black list" "Laolai" "dishonesty list" and the joint discipline, like a big net recommended