Online shop decoration essential knowledge

in real life, entrepreneurs need to pay attention to the decoration of pre shop store, a good store decoration will help attract customers at the same time, there are a lot of people shop in the network, there are a lot of people to the importance of decoration of the shop is still not clear.


1, how to let customers look at the shop there is a feeling of electric shock, which refers to a visual enjoyment". Therefore, we can refer to a decoration shop principle: fresh, beautiful, harmonious, humane.

2, allowing customers to browse the web site accessibility. Some pictures of the shop is in the capacity is too large, half page still open, meet customer there the speed is relatively small, basically the customer waiting for a while to see the web page is not open, turn off the page, so you may lose a potential customer. Some shops love set the background music, but sometimes the work is taking advantage of the time to work, go shopping, if suddenly your background music, this embarrassing. Here is not to say that we do not use, the key is to use a good, not sure not to use the best, will backfire.

3, concise and orderly classification of shops, the shop is not the better the left, including two aspects: text, category is not the more the better, the best illustrated.

4, new products, best-selling products, special offers, etc. in the most prominent position, so that customers can see the first time the information.

5, to do a good job shop, it reflects a store image and strength.

6, the use of good dispensers recommended, baby must go through their own serious choice, choose some representative, fashion, new products, hot.

7, the baby pictures should be fine, as you know, to see their own stores what, put the details of the plan to put the details of the plan, do not put the details of the map is not superfluous. It’s best to keep them in order.

8, baby describe as detailed as possible, this can not be lazy. Sometimes the title to create some attractions, such as selling, selling, etc., to create text appeal, but do not violate.

9, planning a number of topics, combined with a number of festivals and events.

10, many buyers are searching into your shop through a single product single product page, so in the template into some shop promotional advertisements to attract Liu He recommended

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