Wenzhou 90 after the young man to get a successful partnership debt

in the minds of countless people, 90 represents what? Perhaps a lot of people still feel that they are just a small child, however, but also has a lot of 90 through their own hard work to create a cause. This is the hero of this article, the following, let Xiaobian take you to know his business case.

some people say: whether people of publicity once rebellious 80, 90 or personality has a kind of evaluation, in the pursuit of the ideal, there is no age difference, they all have their own dedication to the ideals and the pursuit of dreams, or have been or still on the way to pursue a dream.

understanding of 90 after the small owner of meat because his shop.

heard that Yueqing opened a new coffee shop, oh, no, it is hot pot, hot pot, hot pot, the important thing to say three times, it is really like a hot pot restaurant like a coffee shop.

that have a unique style, about a few go chowhound taste fresh.

Every time I go to the store when the early adopters of

, I will think of my words: the new store, we want to eat as early as possible! I’m not sure when it’s closed. This is the logic of the world is not the chowhound chowhound, you will never understand!

"handsome guy, can you help me to stop the car?" Small woman driving skills is not good, properly to drive to the station in front of the store Hot pot flower.

later I learned that this long and small meat like flowers is the original owner of the hot pot shop owner!

boss surnamed Zhang, the name is very special, called Qian Hao, 27 years old this year! It’s been three years since we opened a hot pot restaurant! Because of the special hot Liushi store business, many guests went to Yueqing with the familiar despise way too far, so on the initiation of the idea of opening a branch in Yueqing!

27 years old, three years ago, that is not the age of 24?

I asked, "how can you think of starting a business so young?"

he laughed shyly, "because he was young, wanted to have a career that time just met my partner, although we have a 80 is a 90, but our ideas are the same, with no thought of failure is young, thinking of success, will succeed that must be success, I want to Hot pot as a lifelong career to do it. "

as far as I know, Liushi store five or six million start-up capital! Chapter about 2000000 debt with his partner on the shop to open up! He is responsible for the procurement of materials, the partner is responsible for the recommendation

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