Retail business also needs to keep pace with the times

now we are doing business with the times, the same is true of doing business. If a variety of software for decades, I am afraid it is difficult to integrate into the current society, it is difficult to obtain consumer recognition. Dear friends, with the progress of the times, our retail business has undergone great changes, from the beginning to the small blackboard Led display, today’s multimedia advertising, POS, machine gun, computer, Internet bar code, such as WeChat, advanced management means to replace the traditional form. Today, please have a good talk about what you have experienced changes in the mode of operation, to bring you what changes? Dong boss with a head!

Henan Nanyang retail: Dong Xiulian

why did you bring the assignment? Not to mention, just to see this topic, I think there really is something to say, I believe that you and me, have their own personal experience, then I’ll start with it.

my shop has been more than and 10 years, in so many years of operating history, change is really not small, in the beginning, I started from a tricycle to do street hawkers, go through rain and wind, and often chased hide and seek wits, because the day is not what harvest always on tenterhooks, so the guerrillas the operation did not last long, I do not go to support, in order to stabilize, I gritted my teeth and rented a shop around for her, opened a retail store, and finally fixed.

from the stalls to the retail shop, I experienced the first change, mode of operation of the next, I gradually to the store to do the wind crane with his honesty and hard work, through the development of a snowball, the accumulation of a lot of money, always feel a shop has been difficult to meet the surrounding residents and mobile customers just a small restaurant, neighbors because of poor management to close the shop, I opened the middle disk partition, expand the business area.

because of the expansion of store size, variety of goods and the number to be gradually increased, this time on the supplier initiative to come to give me door-to-door, the car used to purchase broke three completely laid off, not useless.

later, the small blackboard in front of me, but also replaced the Led display, change the mode of operation, make my business better a tiger with wings added.

Henan Nanyang district retail households: Li Jintang

Dong boss changes in the mode of operation is really big, enviable, in fact, our rural retail households, these years the transformation of the mode of operation is also very large, that sentence is how to say it? Yes, is faded glory, flying into the homes of ordinary people.

I have been doing retail business for more than and 10 years, but my shop is in the countryside

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