What kind of entrepreneurship education is needed for Contemporary College Students

for the college students, the employment pressure is difficult to overcome the problem, many college students choose to join the venture market during the period of University, and the state issued relevant policies to support entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education is necessary?

3 released 23 March "CPC Central Committee and State Council on deepening the reform of institutional mechanisms to accelerate the implementation of a number of opinions" clearly put forward the strategy of innovation driven development, to construct the training mode of innovative talents "," to carry out the pilot reform of the heuristic, inquiry, research teaching method, promote the scientific spirit, creating encourage innovation, tolerance of failure innovative culture".

business class

"Tsinghua venture online courses, including thinking skills, functions and field courses, in order to let learners have open thinking, key management ability of entrepreneurs and contact leading industries and emerging technologies, improve the discovery problem, solve the question ability, at the same time, use and development of entrepreneurial resource. The entrepreneurial opportunities can be transformed into sacral tube

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