in the present life, although the economic development is better, but the environmental pollution is very serious, for our physical health effect is immeasurable. November 24th, hosted by the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial power company hosted the 2016 Henan energy saving alternative work conference held in Zhengzhou. As an alternative model of electrical energy, the ground source heat pump system of Zhengzhou Electric Power College participants to observe the collective place. Alternative energy into the general trend of development, Henan, 2017 to carry out alternative energy, we understand the following details.


ground source heat pump heating pollution can save 10000 dollars a day

winter into the Zhengzhou Electric Power College, the school district warm as spring. The school is not used for urban heating, but ground source heat pump system.

"our system relies on the underground pipe to heat and cool the groundwater." The school a responsible person, summer cooling, air supply and return water temperature of 7~12, the buried pipe side inlet and outlet water temperature is 30~35 DEG C; winter heating, air supply and return water temperature of 55~50, buried tube side inlet and outlet water temperature of 15~7.

responsible person, ground source heat pump central air-conditioning system without pollution, zero emissions, but also very economical. To the school heating season to calculate the daily cost of ground source heat pump air conditioning system needs about 16 thousand yuan per day, while the use of urban central heating, need $28 thousand per day, a difference of about $12 thousand.


air pollution situation is grim alternative energy development trend

Zhengzhou Electric Power College ground source heat pump system caused concern. The province’s implementation of alternative energy, has become an urgent demand.

for a period of time, the province’s air pollution prevention and control is facing a grim situation. Henan and the Zhengzhou municipal government has introduced blue sky project action plan and implementation of the plan, as the most important control of air pollution.

"by resource constraints, coal dominated energy consumption pattern in the province has not been fundamentally changed, and the proportion of coal in our province and the electrification level is low, the proportion of the province’s coal coal consumption was 40%, 15 percentage points lower than the national average, proportion of electrical energy in terminal energy consumption of the province only 15.3%, 10.2 percentage points lower than the national average. A large number of scattered burning coal and fuel consumption is one of the main factors causing serious haze." Wang Hong, deputy director of the provincial development and Reform Commission said.

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