Taobao shop express how to choose

as long as it is set up on Taobao, it is inevitable to deal with a variety of express companies, which is a very normal phenomenon. Moreover, China’s express industry is really too developed, the number and the number of courier companies more than any country on earth and, of course, does bring great convenience to the development of electricity providers.

better domestic express or SF and one of three links (Tong, tact, Shen Tong, rhyme) and a logistics do well also started to do express debon. But the most expensive SF all outlets are self-employed, best service, timeliness is guaranteed, if you want to save the trouble and express customer complaints, product profit can also support, please select the SF land special, basically is 18 yuan starting, you can not afford to go by air. Debon is self-employed, service should be guaranteed, timeliness depends on its network coverage.

other courier companies are basically local franchise systems, service and timeliness are not so good, there are exceptions, for example, sometimes you cannot (SF SF aviation management, strictly) may be able to go faster than Shanghai Airlines, SF transportation. Multiselect suggested several different express, consider which well, which is of low cost, not only with the overall industry reputation relationship, have a great relationship with you sometimes express the guy a close community responsibility, with his collection of many pieces of money is also relevant, this can be bargain. Well you may be unable to control myself, but here you will have to see.

is not recommended to choose too small courier companies, cheap is cheap, but I really do not know what you will encounter on the road, and finally sent to the. You know, the comprehensive evaluation of the user rating, courier service is still a very important point, not just the beginning of the map cheap, because the reasons for the courier to the overall score all pull down. As long as there is a person called 4.9/4.8/4.7 scores, you will never go back to the 5 out of state, but if the front did not sell a few to have a user’s score is very low, resulting in DSR line of greenish, is quite troublesome, it is not easy to catch the back. It is recommended to start spending more money, find a relatively more reliable courier, then slowly adjust.

visibility is slightly higher, the price will undoubtedly be high, while some express although the price is cheap, but the quality of service is really not reassuring. So, if you want to make your own Taobao store has always been a good business, nature should also be in fast company choice above put more energy to fast company better, this will allow yourself to get a better career development operation.

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