Qingyuan held the first innovation entrepreneurship and create a carnival event

in today’s society, in order to promote entrepreneurship, not only will launch a series of good business policy, will also hold a series of entrepreneurial activities constantly, to attract the majority of entrepreneurs and a customer’s attention, recently, the city of Qingyuan held the first · · innovation; entrepreneurship; creating carnival activities.

9 8 April, sponsored by the Qingyuan high tech Zone Management Committee, Qingyuan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau of the Qingyuan’s first · · innovation; entrepreneurship; creating carnival and Tian Chi valley ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship ceremony "held in Qingyuan Tian Chi Valley Science and Technology Industrial park. Qingyuan municipal government departments, experts and scholars, the creation of a group of more than 1 thousand people gathered in the field of intellectual Valley witnessed the event.

the organizers responsible person said, the event is the Qingyuan high tech Zone further implementation of innovation driven development strategy to enhance the National High-tech Zone "on promoting construction work, leveraging new production integration of the city complex construction leader, Cheonan wisdom valley power, promote the development of industry alliances, promote the integration of regional City, to create a good atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship to accelerate the construction of" practice, positive North Guangzhou innovation base and powerful action. As the Qingyuan innovation ecosystem guide, is to build a new Tian Chi production integration of the city complex, leading to the development of new formats, and promote specialization, industry chain and the development of new industry cluster.

the event also introduced a · the new factory, from the 9 set of domestic entrepreneurial team to "high tech Zone business mentor group" and the guests show the product concept, design, function, profit model, "Qingyuan high tech Zone business mentor group" all-weather field review of entrepreneurial team project and, to provide business guidance.

held such a entrepreneurial activity is a good opportunity for the majority of entrepreneurs, some local entrepreneurs can actively to participate in such activities, at the same time, can also carry out exchanges during the period of entrepreneurship.


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