Longgang double line to create entrepreneurial gas station achieved remarkable results

as China’s first special economic zone, Shenzhen has always been in the forefront of economic reform, in this era of entrepreneurship, Shenzhen people are constantly opening up a new path of entrepreneurship. Shenzhen District, Longgang, through the development of online and offline dual gas station to provide public services for entrepreneurship.

2012 years, Longgang region in promoting economic restructuring and upgrading process, the use of modern technology to create a "two", namely "innovation and entrepreneurship Street gas station" (entity) and "innovative air gas station" (WeChat). Loved by the masses in the way of innovation and entrepreneurial talent to provide personalized service, breaking the boundaries of time and space of traditional public employment services, guidance and services to extend and expand space, scope, content, effect is obvious.

in "two" construction drive, at the end of September 2015, 480 of the region’s culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, promote employment 6626 people, also named a number of residence for Longgang District Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship pioneer, each received 50 thousand yuan reward. In addition, Silicon Valley power electronic business in Hong Kong and other 10 district innovation incubation base, set up covering 502 projects of innovation project library, through the "government support, enterprise operation mode, provide for entrepreneurs from the help of the whole society, stage, entrepreneurial guidance.

feedback through 3 years of practice, Longgang District, the "two" construction has made great achievements, a strong impetus to the development of local business innovation and entrepreneurship. For other areas of Shenzhen innovation and entrepreneurship provides a reference model. Longgang district will give birth to more innovative talents in line with the needs of the times.

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