How do young entrepreneurs start their own business

young entrepreneurs are how to do poineering work? In order to become a successful entrepreneur, who has a young people experience all love how they venture, what is a step toward success, the whole network Xiaobian for everyone to explain.

1, when you have a good time, you should do it at once. Do not listen to what others say, as long as you try, to explore, will know how good the idea, even if the failure, it does not matter, because you will learn a lot of things. The result is important, but it is more important that you do, in the process of learning a lot of things, this is the capital, is wealth.

2, the clerk could not run into business for 2 reasons: one is the cause of the market environment, the other is their own reasons. Therefore, a good salesman is good at analysis, good at summing up and is good at dealing with customers, to the customer’s point of view, do things. There is a premise that it is hard, as long as more intentions, willing to endure hardship, performance will certainly go up.

3, should pay attention to several points, is: should distinguish who is who is the key customers, general customers, general customers should be the focus of care, key customers will often take care of. Most of the work is to serve the old customers, the rest of the time is to develop new customers. I have also confirmed a truth: 50% market performance from 20% of the old customers, don’t expect to occupy the entire market, it is not possible to do, and find good service by our customers has been successful.

4, when looking for a job, must not choose a well paid and recruiting a salesman of the company, because the former is not good to do business, the salary is high, the demand is not being recognized or not. A well functioning company must have its own marketing system, how much money you can take depends entirely on the market capacity and occupancy, coupled with your hard work and effort, which often has a ratio, that is, commission. So, you want to find can tell you how much effort to get how much money the company, which is not to go, that is luck, a person a person to luck, because a good operation of the company must have its own financial system, more people more personal wages however, the market is limited, for many people, the boss hearts are.

5, if the fund is not very strong, do not choose to sell. Because 1 yuan consignment, then it is worth $1, if the cash flow quickly, 1 yuan will appreciate.

6, 1000 yuan of money in the hands of this is 1000 yuan, but the circulation of the market is a variable, may be added, but also may devalue. It depends on the eyes and minds of investors.

7, only standing in the market, will recognize that the market demand is the weight of words. How to effectively promote the product to the public mind

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