How to open a couple clothing store to make more money

clothing industry has always been more entrepreneurs are more concerned about the direction of investment, but in the face of the current variety of clothing to join the project, the specific kind of clothing store to do better to make money? Now there is a market for lovers clothing, open a couple of clothing stores is a good choice to get rich.

lovers clothing franchise business skills one: shop marketing, everything must be around the "love" word.

some of the details can not be ignored, the shop light should be bright, goods display to be neat, floor windows regularly clean, damaged items should be repaired in time, these small details will give consumers a comfortable shopping environment.

sales skills is also very important, when customers try to be timely recommendation, mouth to sweet, treat customers with patience. Good service attitude, repeat customers will be more and more.

lovers clothing franchise business skills two: lovers accessories icing on the cake.

not only in the marketing efforts, the owners also want to see the couple loaded clothing to join the monopoly of the joint venture, young lovers are crazy shoppers, clothing to buy a buy is two sets. Couples dress clothing stores open, the store must is full of distinctive couples dress, of course, and couples dress clothing to join related accessories are indispensable, such as shoes, hats, umbrellas, jewelry and other accessories, decorative accessories, make couples dress more attractive. Or can be made into a couple items: clothes, shoes, gloves, scarves, trousers, belts, hats, toothbrushes, cups, cell phones, watches, glasses, socks, backpacks and even bicycles, etc..

lovers clothing franchise business skills three: open lovers shop Raiders summary.

site selection is very important, you can choose the flow block, such as schools, and around the theater near the downtown business district.

couple gifts are novel and unique, creative, to tap new selling points and new products to attract the attention of customers.

gift not only beautiful, but also practical, toothbrush hanging, winding to the toothpick box are in the range of choice.

according to different locations, different levels of consumers, should be a reasonable allocation of the corresponding grades and prices of goods, reasonable collocation.

lovers clothing franchise business skills four: according to the actual diversification.

careful friends may notice that in recent years the emergence of a lot of New Street home lovers clothing stores, all different colors, different patterns of T-shirts are size two, and only coat no other product. Small >

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