Clothing to join the business where to purchase

clothing stores are usually provided by the headquarters supply channels, but even so, which also has a different classification of the difference, for those who want to engage in the business of clothing to join the business is not unknown. Here Xiaobian for everyone to analyze the current clothing to join the source of the purchase of two kinds of sentiment analysis:

1. domestic products

2. imported products

through more than two kinds of goods shop owner can obtain the import goods in the domestic procurement, the larger amount of clothing stores for the development of foreign sources, in order to obtain the goods, so as to establish the image of authority. Methods are the following:

(2) can be obtained by foreign manufacturer information office, then contact the manufacturer.

(3) directly visit the international class large apparel exhibition, once exposed to more than half of the well-known factory, can directly negotiate with shopping.

more different ways to join both have advantages and disadvantages, their general, clothing stores operators according to the information provided by the headquarters of their choice to purchase what kind of channels, the next step is to consider the purchase order method in what way, the clerk, telephone, fax order order order etc..

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