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in the reform of the medical system, although it has been vigorously implemented, but the effect is minimal. Although the majority of ordinary people have health insurance, but in the face of high drug prices, many people still reluctant to spend money on drugs. Prices rose frequently, it is the trend of the market, or a novelty? The broad masses of the people to seek care, willing to go to the doctor, is an urgent need to solve the problem. Fujian in the pharmaceutical companies to take a new approach to the inspection, and achieved a series of significant results.

pharmaceutical companies are not honest, the day can not be

southeast network July 26th news (Fujian Daily reporter Chu Baishan) recently, the provincial food and Drug Administration announcement, Quanzhou’s pharmaceutical company 8 pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises because of serious violations of "drug quality management standards" (hereinafter referred to as "GSP") the relevant provisions, "GSP certificate" repossessed.

this is nearly a month by the food and drug administration departments to punish the Sixth Batch of pharmaceutical companies. It is reported that 24 companies have been punished, including the GSP certificate was recovered in the 23, the 1 was withdrawn. They are all raided, and then the official exposure.

flight inspection normalization

GSP certificate revoked, equivalent to the company was sentenced to death". After the revocation of the GSP certificate to be obtained, according to the relevant provisions of at least 6 months, during which the supply chain is likely to have broken.

enterprises want to pass a new version of GSP is not easy, we need the full range of transformation and personnel training of warehousing, logistics and so on, spend at least two million yuan, more than six or seven million yuan to." A person in charge of the province through the certification of enterprise just said, "after the revocation of the certificate should be closed for six months to re apply, supervision departments to make decisions on whether the 66 working days, so the punishment is a huge blow to the enterprise."

and GSP certificate was recovered, the day will be very sad. Although after the completion of the rectification of enterprises can review the application through the examination can get GSP certificate, but will always encounter flight inspection, if found to have illegal behavior, the GSP certificate will be withdrawn or revoked, serious cases will also be revoked "drug license", and the cancellation of the GSP certificate.

such as Xiamen Han Feng Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., due to violation of the GSP certificates were recovered back in May 16th of this year, but a few days later found the flight inspection supervision department, and then GSP was again return to old habits, to recover the certificate.

"flight inspection is different from previous notification checks, it is a surprise inspection, and as long as the recommended

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