China multimeter ten brands list the whole

measurement of small current and voltage sometimes need to use multimeter, the multimeter can help people measurement more accurate, so that people can accurately record the change of the voltage and current, frequency of use for multimeter in school and research sites is very high, driven by changing the market. The following Xiaobian collate all the Chinese multimeter ten brand list.

multimeter is also called multiplexing table, multimeter, three meter, multimeter, measuring instrument is indispensable power electronics and other departments, to measure the voltage, current and resistance as the main objective. The multimeter is divided into pointer multimeter and digital multimeter. Is a multifunctional measuring instrument, multi range, general multimeter can measure DC current, DC voltage, AC current, AC voltage, resistance and audio level, some parameters can also be measured AC current, capacitance, inductance and semiconductor: such as beta) etc..

With the basic principle of

Fluke: he’s Danner fluke, well-known enterprises of electronic test tools industry world, comprehensive measurement solutions excellent supplier fluke test equipment: Shanghai) Co. ltd..

Huayi MASTECH multimeter ten brands, well-known supplier of global electronic measuring tools, instrument standard drafting of the main unit, Dongguan Huayi Instrument Technology Co Ltd.

SATA Sata: APEX tool group, hand tool brands, global large industrial manual and pneumatic tools manufacturers, Sata tools: Shanghai) Co. ltd..

HIOKI day home: started in 1935, Japan’s famous brand, advanced testing and measuring technology development and manufacturing field in an important position in the world, Japan: Shanghai Trading Co., ltd..

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