Do not reclaim the store after the festival gifts wine

China is a country with great emphasis on etiquette, and the Spring Festival can be said to be the most important festival of the year. Therefore, many people will receive a lot of gifts during the spring festival. The small make up in this proposal, in the festival business, we must not recycle gift cigarettes, gift wine.

Spring Festival is the peak of gifts. After the Spring Festival, some consumers began to deal with some of the gifts they do not need. At this time, we can not because of cheap retail customers or due to human recovery of these gifts, otherwise you may suffer a great deal.

I’ve had this lesson. The year before the day after the Spring Festival, a distant cousin brought several high-grade cigarette, let me help. "". At that time, because of the sensibilities, I buy down. Soon afterwards, a customer comes to my shop to buy high-grade cigarette, I will take this opportunity to sell this a few cigarettes.

I never thought the relatives give this a few cigarettes is my cigarettes. Later, the customer not only returned cigarettes, but also to complain to the tobacco monopoly management. This result, a few cigarettes by authorities withheld, I have also been treated. This matter caused a small impact on the future operation.


sold a few "human cigarette", so that the end of the results, when I was really suffering. From then on, I’ll never do such a stupid thing again. Here, I would also like to persuade you, after the festival can not be opened recycling human cigarette, the hole, but can not take the initiative to recover the gift of cigarettes, gift wine and then sell. The end result of a petty gain is often a sign of failure.

of course, in addition to the recycling work can not be done, but also need to have a job to do in place. The festival should pay attention to timely take inventory, processing new goods. Prior to the return agreement with suppliers of goods, as soon as possible to contact the supplier, ready to return. This enables suppliers to supply relief work in the first time, but also can avoid the time too long and passing phenomenon.

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