Doing business is helping others

shop to do business, many people will be able to provide some help to others, but may not be able to understand, to help others, more often still help themselves. Shop early, I was admitted to the township hospital for cholecystitis attack. In the hospital ward, I discovered that one of his roommate’s family always heave great sighs and occasionally Yanmianerqi.

after understanding that the patient was due to illness. In order to raise fees by almost all the relatives and friends. The hospital sold only a few old hens at home, or failed to pay the hospital deposit. At this point, my sympathy for his wife from the store to arise spontaneously, was the best-selling "the K" blood agent gave him her body, gave him 400 dollars to let him go to the solution as pressing danger.

my little kindness touched the hospital leadership, they learned that the patient’s situation, and soon decided to reduce all of his hospitalization expenses and part of the cost of drugs and materials. Later, the man regarded me as a benefactor, not only the mobilization of his friends and relatives and neighbors to my shop to shopping, also not to mind taking the trouble he knew and didn’t know who to help promote my deeds, persuade them to my shop to buy things. I did not expect, inadvertently a small move to get such a big return on the truth, but also led to the idea of helping others.

in order to make the community more vulnerable groups in need of help in a timely manner, I specifically put my home phone as a public welfare assistance phone affixed to the supermarket glass window above, to all the people in the community notices. In more than and 10 years, in the window on the phone while writing love aid has been old, but there are difficulties, to find gold "has been deeply embedded in the countryside eight adjacent to the hearts of the people.

not only in life we pay a little heart, help a little more of others, may have unexpected harvest, the shop to do business, if you can help, but for our business development will have a great help. Over the years, I have to pay their own love, to help people in trouble, but also harvest the true feelings of the return. Those who have been my help, as well as the spirit of my people, even if more than a little way to go to my supermarket to take care of my business.

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