2013, the global economic recovery, the garment industry production and investment recovery, the leading network of brand planning, brand promotion agency – day exhibition network broadcast, channel and model innovation will become the main line through the clothing market development in 2013. With the expansion of the network market, the apparel industry network consumer population scale and the base is expanding, but the market competition is gradually warming, so clothing enterprises are necessary to expand marketing channels, network brand network show suggested clothing enterprises should focus on the development of network marketing channels in addition to the traditional channels.

the garment industry is seeking to increase sales and inventory, production and marketing mode of garment enterprises reform, the most imminent task is to "open source". In the era of network, clothing enterprises should open up an important source of sales is the network marketing. After the investigation found that the brand network, since 2009, China’s apparel online shopping market transaction size is increasing year by year, in which the growth rate in 2010 is particularly alarming, the transaction size increased by up to 100.8%. June 2013 Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center released a report in 2012, China clothing online shopping market transactions amounted to 305 billion yuan, an increase of 49.9%, the network marketing has become an irresistible trend in the apparel industry.

want from enterprises, occupy the innumerable talent shows itself network marketing, garment enterprises need a strong brand support. Clothing market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, many international brands have entered the China, the domestic garment enterprises by foreign trade OEM to independent brand construction stage of development, but the lack of brand building brand management standardization and strong brand promotion. Moreover, the traditional marketing methods of clothing enterprises have a long cycle, high cost, and the profit space has become smaller and smaller.

the first step, accurate advertising, so that customers pay attention to the enterprise.