what are the new development of the beauty industry needs attention? Now the most talked about on the market is not the topic of the model of the beauty salon, this is how it? Many businesses do not understand, then continue to look down, to understand the details of it!

"recruiting difficult, hard to keep people" is the most important problem of beauty salons, beauty salons is puzzling the pain. Especially in the past two years, this contradiction is more prominent. As a new generation of 90 beautician more difficult to manage, most of them are the only child in the family, the family is superior, not before "70" after "80" the kind of money strong desire, so all substances stimulate all failure. Even the world’s top five hundred companies have no better way to manage Foxconn, not to mention the general beauty salon!

"money can fix things are not difficult". Happens, beautician problem is not able to get things to spend money.

How do

? No profit model, is undoubtedly the best choice for beauty salons!