Examples of college students how to guard against fraud

example of college students how to guard against fraud

now is a lot of criminals find many get in by every opening, they like to fraud, as the saying goes, one foot in mind, also have their own methods of college students to cheat.

at the fair, a few enterprises under the banner of the recruitment of students under the guise of deception do MLM or even other illegal things have occurred. Xinxiang Medical University graduates Yu Pengfei in January this year, a recruitment site, several flow recruiters stopped, they said the company’s business in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, after a brief exchange told less than: "we need you to do, do not require work experience, Baochibaozhu, the annual salary of twenty thousand yuan." Contact a few times, he actually found that the company is doing pyramid schemes, thanks to my ability to distinguish, otherwise they will be confused by the rhetoric." Yu Pengfei one face.

to business soon, enterprises to apply for the documents on the grounds, to take his identity card required to pay 8000 yuan training fees. In the training session, listen to more than and 10 minutes, it was found that the scene is like a broadcast on TV MLM scene." Li said he did not believe that a year can earn 1 million yuan lies, nor in accordance with the requirements of marketing staff, the development of offline, I do not want to deceive relatives and students." Fortunately, the MLM organization was investigated by the police, he was able to escape.

I Province medical college graduates Xie Lei 6 people employment representative. In 2011, they went to a private enterprise in Guangdong to do food inspection. The company’s commitment to the students are: a monthly salary of 4000 yuan, plus the end of the year bonus; full year of work, housing distribution; work for over three years, with car.

Collusion between

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