Clean 100’s cleaning appliances how the strength of the brand strength of the project

in our life, there is always no use for home appliances. Then, of course, the use of household appliances for cleaning appliances. Jie hundred home appliance cleaning? In the market, not only has a high popularity, join the selection advantage is very advantageous!

Tai’an tmhold source environmental protection science and technology limited company to accept the Beijing world standard certification center limited company quality management system certification review, according to our company "s Jie" brand, engaged in home appliance cleaning services services for the audit, in the joint efforts of our company, with the perfect management system and strict service measures passed the GB/T9001-2008/ quality management system certification, and obtain the certificate.

double attack set off a new storm cleaning appliances. The store is dispensable, the operation has training, the replacement of the facilities; door-to-door service, store sales double income. The shop without experience, there are facilities for distribution: 1-3 million people can shop, one on one training, technology is simple, facility distribution, one year free replacement, lifetime free maintenance. Door-to-door service, store sales, revenue: Qi door service, service warm drink, repeat continuously; store sales, clean and visible effect well received, income Everfount.

Jie Jia household appliances to join the project, the hot market, hot projects, trustworthy. If you are also very excited, then, hurry up!

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