Misuoxi steak details to join

what does it feel like to be a western restaurant? Western food let us feel that the meal should have a gentleman fan, and eat Western food you can not help but think carey, it is a kind of solemn occasion, you will give the most basic respect.

MISOXI is a pro Misuoxi steak, coffee, music diffuse lifestyle people leisure restaurant, Oriental romantic environment and recover the original simplicity of Western lifestyle fusion, in the complicated and impetuous society talent shows itself in the activity, hand-made the delicacy, on-site production of beverage, friendly price, become the modern people yearning for dining, the party, leisure places.

Music: Misuoxi from 7 basic notes "1, 2, 3 meters duo Lai, 4, 5, 6 sliding cable, 7 West" in the "357 Misuoxi", on behalf of our restaurant theme: music, art. Dark meaning "music coffee" imagination, give a person the whole body relax, comfortable kind of feeling. The speaker listener sweet, smooth and natural. The maturity of 357 is also the steak, steak is usually divided into three points: according to the odd (medium rare), cooked cooked five (medium), medium (medium well); Misuoxi Chinese font design contains 357, echoing with the graphics, strengthen brand memory, Misuoxi like a girl’s name like singing, singers, such as cowboy returning singing;

Misuoxi steak to join

Miso Cici, a Italy restaurant, mini pizzas, the price of 5-15 yuan; affordable, one will be able to. Solve the problem of the high price of the original pizza market.

two, 10 square meters of mini shop; 30 square meters of exquisite standard shop; 80 square meters of the flagship store, Misuoxixi restaurant franchise, from a few million to 10 million yuan investment, paved the way for the medium and small investors to enter the market.

three, Miso Cici restaurant Italy Mini Pizza, excellent quality, small investment, low price, not only for small and medium cities, county towns, but also in the big cities, the provincial capital city was successful.

four, Miso Cici restaurant in Italy Mini Pizza, the investment cost is small, you can enjoy the professional technical training set (Mexico wraps, pizza, coffee, hot and cold drinks, hamburgers, French fries and other snack foods). We will also guide you from the store location, design, decoration and other aspects of the range of guidance; and we will be distributed to your product equipment, tools, posters, flags, clothing and other equipment. Let you with a good learning technology, go back to the successful opening of the business!

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