How can the partnership restaurant die the

now a lot of people are aware of the potential of the catering market, are also willing to operate the business in this market, but there is not enough money, so the partnership has become the choice of many people. Due to the high cost of catering business, catering and catering business partnership is a common business model, but the attention of catering partnership, a partnership with a variety of restaurants of various group of death, how to cooperate to die!

first, the reasons for the partnership restaurant

The reason why

is looking for someone to run a restaurant, there must be a certain reason, nothing more than the following four points:

1. not enough funds: their own money is not enough to support a certain degree of scale, and don’t want to settle for second downsizing, or in the course of business have insufficient funds, and the introduction of foreign investment, external investment and partnership type pure dividend.

2. experience is not enough: usually people into the catering industry, a lot of things can not grasp in place of the license, business management, financial planning, personnel recruitment, risk aversion has no confidence.

3.: the lack of capacity in the restaurant business in the process, found in certain aspects of their own lack of ability, hope that the introduction of complementary partners, including chefs, management and finance, carry out their duties, improve the management structure of the restaurant.

4. expand strength: first cases lack of funds is the hope that someone in the fourth situations are timely assistance, icing on the cake, through the introduction of a partner (experience or capital), in order to have a greater breakthrough in the operation, and take greater risks.

two, the benefits of a partnership restaurant

a lot of times, 1+1 may not be equal to 2, a good situation is > 2, poor situation, estimated < 1 are possible. Whether the partnership is good or bad depends on the specific circumstances.

the Three Stooges surpass Zhu Geliang, a group of ordinary people together can do complicated things, the partnership restaurant benefits:

1. to make up for a variety of deficiencies: including the previously mentioned, lack of funds, lack of experience, lack of ability, can be targeted to introduce partners to make up for.

2. with greater risk: financial risk, management risk, human resource risk, natural risk everywhere, can reduce the risk of the partnership part, the restaurant business is more stable, to seek greater profit foundation.

everything has two sides, not only the benefits of a partnership restaurant. Not afraid of God’s opponents, afraid of pigs

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