Dragon fish delicious hot tide of American coals to join Everfount business opportunities

many people are now engaged in the catering business, in the modern broad catering market, Longchao delicious grilled delicious, let them continue to praise the Dragon chowhound, tidal fish join infinite market, of highlights, the headquarter is Longchao fish provides a series of support for the majority of the franchisee, have to create wealth.

1, brand image support: with a good brand support, the road to become wealthy businessmen flat. Free to provide a set of brand Vi system; [American] Longchao charcoal grilled fish headquarters to provide clothing, accessories, staff badges, etc. the name card design and artwork unified, and provide staff training manual.

2, store decoration support: the company has a terminal stores experienced design team, can provide shop decoration design and layout of the store on the basis of the Dragon tide fish investment franchisees actual situation, to unify the brand image.

dragon charcoal grilled fish delicious hot tide of American business Everfount


3, opening guidance support. Dragon fish shop tide to ensure business worries, and opened up a vast market for them. Dragon fish free tide opening ceremony activities implementation plan (tailored), "dragon tide of American Business Guide Manual", charcoal grilled fish gift opening supplies: leaflets, hanging flags, the shop opened the ball, and provide life-long tracking guidance services.

4, management support: Longchao headquarter invited famous fish industry planning agencies, professional production operations manual, store management manual, and sharing brand resources to help you make plans, Longchao fish jueshengqianli.

5, advertising support: strong brand strength, advertising system is also very comprehensive. The stage of advertising on CCTV and major national magazines, newspapers, television, outdoor media to enhance fish dragon tide franchisee’s sales performance, enhance brand awareness.

6, regional protection support: according to the local market and strictly control the number of stores, to ensure that each fish dragon tide store has sufficient source, to ensure profitability.

7, marketing support: Longchao fish investment firm established perfect marketing management platform, according to market attributes and characteristics of the franchisee, according to various national holidays tailored for the Dragon tide fish franchisees to provide marketing planning, event marketing planning, advertising planning and news planning etc..

8, information sharing support: smooth channels of information can make entrepreneurship easier, investment prospects have been optimistic. According to the analysis of sales data, timely grasp of market dynamics, trends, and give timely feedback to the franchisee, the sale of business activities, inventory control to make accurate guidance of dragon tide fish join, improve the capital turnover, more.

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