Mrs Wang Yufeng resigned chicken venture onto the road net

"doctor", how many people are envious of the job, if you can find such a decent job, you will quit the chicken? I think most of the answers are negative. And a chance to hear Linxi County has a diffuse and ditch egg, is a pair of husband and wife to give up the hospital back home raised treat production, which caused a reporter interested in. Recently, the reporter came to the farm couple, see Master Wang Yufeng, he just put the chicken in the coop put out and put on the end just like a chicken, farmers.

is a place with diffuse ditch Linxi County is the hometown of Dajing Town, the hero Wang Yufeng. Wang Yufeng chicken, natural scattered to support the characteristics of the production of local wood eggs, also named diffuse ditch, both seem to have some kind of fit.

became the "egg brother" before, Wang Yufeng and his wife spent ten years as a doctor in a hospital in ximeng. Most people don’t know how to give up a decent job for farming. But for Wang Yufeng, entrepreneurship is a hold up for a long time, as if the idea of what was selected, taking advantage of their young to do something they want to do.

after a market survey, Wang Yufeng decided to chicken home. In 2013, Wang Yufeng and his wife rented a piece of apricot trees in the mountains, embarked on the road to chicken. Here the chicken is all natural scattered, supplemented by high quality corn.

husband and wife entrepreneurial road and no more than most entrepreneurs flat. Egg sold, Wang Yufeng took the egg in the Linxi town shops sell one by one. "Often ordered 50 eggs, I sent an egg is also losing money, but I also insist on door-to-door." Speak with the nutrition and taste the egg in the back gradually established a reputation in Linxi, there are more and more people know the diffuse and ditch egg.

Wang Yufeng is not satisfied with the Linxi market demand, he let the egg to the country and diffuse channel. So Wang Yufeng began in January this year, trying to sell eggs WeChat. I have heard that WeChat to sell clothes, skin care products, has not heard of WeChat to sell eggs, I do not have confidence in WeChat to sell eggs to make money." The results are contrary to Wang Yufeng’s expectations, WeChat sold 50 sets of eggs sold in the first week.

now, WeChat sales have become the main way to spread eggs. Scattered eggs in addition to Tibet, Qinghai and Hainan, has been marketing the country. In the double eleven period, he was ready to do a special price of 4000 eggs, only in the first hour to sell. Now Wang Yufeng sold 2000 to 3000 eggs a day, far more than the original plan to sell the first time in third years, every day, a total of 1000 plans to sell more than.

this year, Wang Yufeng took the lead in the establishment of a village in the village of diffuse groove farmers cooperatives, 13 farmers joined the cooperatives. "I was a little chicken accumulated experience, I would like to recommend

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