n the end of the ten bra brand rankings

bra is almost every woman needs clothing, however, the price of such products is uneven, there is a big difference. For most people, the natural bra is acceptable, and the market also has a lot of brands. So, which brand is good?

bra is every woman’s closest friend, can not only provide breast external support, increase comfort and vitality and prop up the chest, can also highlight the breast shape and cleavage show a perfect curve. However, these features can be played on the premise that you have to buy their own bra and master the right way to wear. With the strong demand for personalized and differentiated, more and more rich in the style of the market, more and more brands. In the face of many brands, many women feel confused, difficult choices, do not know which brand is good. To this end, the small series will be for everyone in the end of the ten bra brand list.


in the end of the bra brand list NO.1.

, from the European design style underwear brand, set underwear design, production and sales in one, is currently the hottest underwear brand. Correll’s ever-changing color scheme, the use of multiple materials, innovative ideas, the perfect integration of real wear and artistry, and constantly refresh the imagination of the city of men and women on traditional underwear. The idea is that the brand is so simple".

In the end of the ten

bra brand ranking NO.2. maniform

Manifen, the first group to set up a clean underwear brand. In 1999, the China maniform the traditional festivals and folk will combine "dragon and phoenix" this Chinese unique national culture into the design concept of underwear, establishes the brand in the China underwear industry’s original position. The brand underwear for many years by the Chinese business association, the China National Commercial Information Center as the rate of the first brand of similar products in the market integratedly, had also known as CLS consumer market 20 years China consumer market’s most influential brand.

ten in the end of the bra brand list of ancient and modern


ancient and modern, Shanghai ancient and modern underwear Co., Ltd.’s famous underwear brand. The company focuses on independent innovation and brand development strategy, adhering to the "quality, quality often see sincere, honest, to the letter Liye" business philosophy and the "comfort, health, beauty, family sharing" enterprise culture, establish a good social reputation and image. The ancient and modern brand of women’s underwear in quality, style and fabric of excellence, favored by the majority of female consumers, and products for many years was named "Shanghai famous brand products", and the trademark was named "Shanghai famous trademark".

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