happy ranch is a unique feature of the food and beverage project, is a self catering brand founded by the people of Inner Mongolia. At the same time happy ranch culture background and the characteristics of the small inheritance Hot pot, but also by virtue of its own "personality" in talent shows itself in the buffet. Is a worthy of the majority of investors to join the buffet catering project.

first store was born in Baotou in August 2008. Happy ranch environment simple and lively, bright colors, supporting facilities, the details of the Department to meet the psychological needs of people, is the ideal place for dining, gathering.

happy ranch to burn, roast, rinse as the main line, as well as Chinese and Western food, Japanese and Korean cuisine, local snacks and desserts. The realization of the hot pot of fast food and diversification, is an innovation in the history of Chinese hot pot reform.

happy ranch cafeteria to support what?

construction design: free of charge to provide floor plan, smallpox, Wailimian design, construction drawings need to join forces to find the construction team in addition to the design.

technology and management training: 1, before the opening by the franchisee in the local recruitment, sending managers, cooks, cost accounting and other major technical management personnel to the headquarters designated stores for training. (the above personnel must have the relevant post wage experience) 2, after the opening of the company regularly organized by the product technical innovation training and store operation standard upgrade training.

preparatory guidance: 1, before the opening of the main guide: the company responsible for the equipment and facilities based customization; staff training; menu design; design of the business plan; in 15-20 days before the store opened, the company sent a manager and chef in the shop in the store opened after the left guide. 2, the operation of the store by the regional operations manager store services and support.

: 1, logistics and distribution company in the early delivery of goods mainly consists of logo dining utensils and staff clothing, decoration decoration supplies, the main raw material for beef and mutton, and Hot pot soup; 2 stores for the distribution of the products by the regional distribution of goods from the nearest warehouse, warehouse to store directly (only gasoline fees and tolls) short haul freight from the store to pay.

regional protection, the development of reasonable regional protection policies to ensure a good market order

effective publicity support and comprehensive management guidance (promotion, goods management, store operations, store management, etc.)

high quality and efficient after-sales service.

above is a simple introduction to the support of the happy ranch cafeteria, if you have anything else to join the problem is not very clear, >