Do business need to be able to grasp the last link polite goodbye

now many shopkeepers when business is not traded a variety of warm words let the customer very comfortable, but once the business transactions go out when I was very cold, before and after contrast, tend to let the customer have the idea. So, heart warming words to all along, to left a deep impression to customers.

we have a lot of retail customers, customers into the store or the selection of goods, brother elder sister short, once the business transaction, the customer paid leave, is indifferent. To be honest, this is also to do business, not to let others think you are also very realistic, the philistine. When the customer left, to say a few words of courtesy, there is no old customers, loyal customers to join in, your business is difficult to climate.

"big sister, no matter how often to sit ah." Often hear the small supermarket in front of the female shopkeeper said. In fact, her home is not a small supermarket facade, the price is not cheap, but the district where many older people will go there to buy things. We all said, look at that person really, speak warm heart, and sometimes will send you out, buy her things will not suffer.

once the work pass, see the female owner of an elderly woman to send out, also could not say, you don’t mention it. Anyway, I afternoon small business, you have to take over the wool, I help you hold around the thread before you a man. No matter what the final outcome, the old customer was smiling and smiling. This can be seen, polite farewell, grasp the last link is how important.

send off the customer, say a few words of thanks, can give the customer a deep impression, this will become the driving force for their continued support. In particular, some of the relatively fixed retail outlets, which is particularly important. Because your business is to rely on these old customers to support, a "uncle, you take care!" "Uncle, I send you ah!" Although you did not send him back, but the people they are in mind.

so, goodbye is very important, very intimate. But it is easy to overlook our retail customers, there are a lot of one-sided emphasis on people, too busy, no time and no chance to say goodbye to customers. But did not speak of peace are two different things, you are busy, the customer side and say goodbye, people will not blame you, after all, businesses hands busy, but he was thinking of the customer, a word, say goodbye also ok.

if his business is busy, to bring the best customer to the store, do not think this is a good image of the tree is slowly make an unnecessary move, the bad image just once. We have a lot of businesses, customers sitting in the door when there is a good, the customer sat there, even the body does not owe. This kind of behavior will allow customers to have a kind of "two bad money put on the shelf" mentality, of course, will have a great impact on your image.

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