How to carry out rural shop counter the whole layout of cigarette

is now a lot of rural shops counter is not very good, or is of dust, so that people do not have the desire to buy. In short, due to the restrictions of capital and other conditions, many rural cigarette retail customers lack specialized cigarette counters to display cigarettes, directly affect the increase in cigarette sales. The author in the market, and customer communication process, summed up the following 3 effective and economical method, with a lower investment can improve the cigarette display environment, get the desired results.

one, the existing counter + glass method

rural store is more common with a wooden cabinet against the wall to display goods. The use of cigarettes can make good use of the existing resources. Retail customers can sort out the location of other goods, specifically for the cigarette to make up a space. Because of the little village shops to sell OTC cigarette varieties, low smoke, cigarette display space do not need to have large enough.

put the packet of cigarettes in order to leave space. Because of small light weight, usually when handling cigarette easily dumping, then if the cigarette from a certain height before the glass, can not only meet the aesthetic effect and security, so it was a glass in front of cigarette, the thief is hard to reach.

two, triangle bracket simple Cabinet method

customers can find some wood and sheet materials. The first wood were done two triangular frame, fixed in the store more eye-catching on the wall spacing of two stents by how much the number of OTC cigarette to decide the number, distance can be slightly wider, put a flat plate on the bracket (wood, three plates can be fixed). To live, the fixing plate and the bracket into triangular plate just two triangle bracket and two fixed, then fixed 2 ~ 3 pieces of wood on the board (the distance between the wood and the cigarette packet length), so that the display cabinet is complete simple cigarette.

conditional customers can then apply a layer of paint on the top, so that simple cabinets look better visual effects. The cigarette can be placed in the OTC board fixed on the wood, paper is just the price tag can be attached to the wood surface, which not only saves the cigarette placed space, but also makes the OTC cigarette at a glance.

three, turning waste into treasure, re-use of waste counters

there are a lot of second-hand or retail customers in the store are unused counters, cigarette display can make good use of these counters. Retail customers can repair the broken counter, dirty cleaning and finishing, new paint brush. With a little investment, you can sort out a good cigarette display counter. Then the price tag affixed to the cigarette neatly list, you will have the customer to the store.

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