Non party members to learn the spirit of the plenary session of the Xining Municipal Committee

On the morning of July 26th, the United Front Work Department of the party held a briefing, the Municipal Committee, United Front Work Department Minister Zhang Qiguang presided over the meeting, and convey the spirit of the thirteen plenary session of the Municipal Committee of the five.

Zhang Qiguang, the democratic parties, religious and non-public economy, non partisan, Taiwan Federation representatives to unify their thinking to study and implement the Municipal Committee of the thirteen plenary meeting of the five session of the spirit, combined with their actual, take a variety of forms, seriously study and deeply understand and accurately grasp the essence of the spirit of the meeting, focus on the deployment of new, new the target and the second half of the work of the new requirements. To implement the municipal plenary meeting spirit and efforts to implement the Party committee put forward the goal combine, based on their own, go all out efforts to fully implement the municipal government to determine the goal of gathering talents, ningxinjuli. Take action to study and implement the municipal plenary meeting spirit, offer more scientific development strategy, do more to build a harmonious, as much as Huimin force, in the performance of its functions, as there are new breakthroughs in play a role. (author: Wang Xiaofang)


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