City Health Bureau organization to participate in the twentieth National Day propaganda activities o

May 16th is the twentieth "National Day", according to the unified municipal government disabled working committee arrangements, Municipal Health Bureau, district and county, Municipal Bureau of medical institutions and medical personnel into the countryside carried out in order to increase support and relief efforts, helping the rural poor people with disabilities "as the theme of propaganda, counseling clinic.  
the event, city, district and county 27 medical institutions to actively select 91 inside and outside, women, children, and other health professionals of Chinese medicine, the aid agreement signed with the units, to Datong County, Huang Jia Zhai Dong Xia Xiang, Huangzhong County, Zhen LAN long mouth Ganhetan Huang Po Dong Cun, Huangyuan County village, Heping Township, East District of rhyme ieguchi village, Pengjia village village 27 village, carry out psychological counseling, health education activities, through the issuance of promotional pictures, display panels and other forms of publicity to the masses, and the disabled, a comprehensive understanding of the rural disabled physical health and rehabilitation needs, provide rehabilitation services for the disabled, so that they learn more about the knowledge of disease prevention, improve self-care awareness, enhance their confidence and determination to overcome the disease.


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