With the start of

bus IC card annual work once a year, since September 1st, a total of 200 thousand student card, 130 thousand elderly card through the year examined, at the same time, the New Year cards for students nearly million.

this year, to participate in the annual examination of the bus Qatar 1.3 million, annual time start to October 31st from September 1st, heavy task, time is tight, fewer personnel is a problem faced in Xining city public transport limited liability company. In order to ensure that the elderly bus card, student card, the annual work schedule in an orderly manner, the Xining bus company from the hardware, post, personnel, inspection hall clean environment, to a reasonable division of limited area, posted a clear sign of the annual notes and flow charts, provides from the installation of water heaters, paper cups, and try our best to contact the nearest fire hospital provide service for old friends, to participate in the annual staff to suspend paid vacation, the cashier center security department in the annual Hall of periphery and the Republican road peripheral pull the recharge point line of separation, the establishment of the queuing areas sent all maintain the trial card card team order, opened a green safe passage for the Elderly Security audit".

into the bus card examination hall, consulting at the gate posted a newspaper published the "September 1st to October 31st students, the elderly card" of the annual report, is responsible for consulting the staff said that the West Metropolitan News reports timely, comprehensive, old people came, we’ll follow the news in the newspaper to the old man who doubts answer. The insurance department, inspection department bus card posted an obvious sign for the process at a glance. While waiting for the line, the bus company also specially placed a leather chair, designed for the rest of the old people, the elderly alone to the trial card without effort. Xining bus company warm and thoughtful service to the old man came to the trial card left a deep impression. Who lives on the West Village Hsinchuang Tian flower, Sun Ying, Jia Yonglan said: "we shall see the doll card, hard-working, enthusiastic, so take care of the elderly, very satisfied." (author: Liu Peng)