Central sanitation vehicle operation GPS supervision

Turn on the computer, click the mouse, you can always monitor the environmental sanitation vehicles, compressed garbage truck, road sweeping car, truck, sprinkler, as long as we enter a random number of vehicles, the electronic map will display the relevant information of the car immediately, such as where, how much is the driving speed. At a glance, sanitation truck operation to achieve the full supervision of GPS." January 11th, in the Urban District Urban Management Bureau Command Center, the staff of the bureau pointed to a computer screen on one of the black spots to the reporter.

it is understood that for a long time, the city district sanitation cleaning services, implementation of fixed posts, and regular cleaning, garbage trucks on the road after the supervision of passive, mainly rely on manual monitoring inspections, to the management of inconvenience. The GPS satellite positioning system mainly includes the functions of positioning, tracking, anti theft, monitoring and so on. The system is used to monitor and track the environmental sanitation vehicle, and display it on the electronic map, so as to achieve the monitoring of the route, the mode of operation and the speed of the vehicle. Sanitation department staff can understand the vehicle position, status, driving route, running speed, and the system will support a variety of security equipment, once the vehicle speeding, the system automatically "red light"; according to the vehicle to meet route operations or trans regional operations, the car will automatically stop oil, electricity, unable to start instant alarm to the monitoring center, and. Vehicles are not required to stop or parking time is too long, the monitoring center can also be regulated.

through the installation of GPS satellite positioning system, vehicle scheduling, management to reduce manpower and material resources, to improve efficiency and ensure the safety of operations and so on. At present, the area has been installed on the sanitation of all vehicles GPS satellite positioning system, into the commissioning phase, can be applied recently, to achieve information management.


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