6 billion 40 million to build the Qinghai Tibet Plateau bridgehead

newspaper news (reporter Fang Xu) Xining Railway Station is an important hub of the Qinghai Tibet railway and Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway, is the starting point of the Qinghai Tibet Railway station. For the Xining Railway Station into Tibet Plateau bridgehead in recent years, our province through financial loaning earmarked, etc., has funded 6 billion 40 million yuan, effectively promoted the transformation of the Xining Railway Station construction.

it is understood that the Xining Railway Station and Xining Railway Station to station and related engineering comprehensive renovation is the first large-scale renovation since the establishment of the project including passenger station, passenger waiting building reconstruction, rehabilitation and new platform station, and the traffic flow distribution area, the Huangshui River landscape with riverside recreation Rest Area, core business service area. After the transformation of the Xining Railway Station through the ability to reconcile the capacity will be greatly improved, the end of the province will not have the history of high-speed trains to become a modern passenger hub and transportation hub in the west.

to ensure that the Xining Railway Station station and related Engineering Resettlement successfully completed, province finance foundation of 4 billion 140 million yuan of funds in the previous multiple channels, and then allocated land demolition contract total cost of 500 million yuan, including the angle, the railway line outside the scope of the payment to the farmer endowment insurance cost, in order to completely solve the pollution problems of land expropriation. In order to ensure the safety of financial norms and efficient use of this year, the provincial finance of the Provincial Department of land resources, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company and Xining City Land Department land acquisition funds management carried out a special inspection, timely detection of individual departments and regions are still part of the project funds are not timely, not according to the provisions and expenses beyond the scope of the use of funds and other issues in the Xining Railway Station to land demolition work, and put forward rectification opinions.

up to now, the comprehensive transformation of the Xining Railway Station and the construction of the relevant projects have achieved initial results. The total construction area of 405 thousand square meters of demolition, demolition of housing units of 1 million 110 thousand square meters, accounting for the total demolition area of 77%. Landscape diversion project, river control works, road engineering, bridge engineering, public transport projects, such as 15 sub projects have started construction. 2014 is expected to fully completed in October and railway traffic conversion, evacuation of people closely related to the project.



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