Dangerous demolition of the old buildings should be resolutely removed

Danger of the old building should be resolutely disabled to stop the demolition of the demolition of the demolition of the need to be demolished, the new building, the reconstruction of dangerous houses, priority into the local shantytowns plan. Absorb the domestic recent housing collapse accident, recently, the provincial housing and urban construction department specially made emergency arrangements of the old building dangerous security investigation and remediation requirements, further improve the old building dangerous security investigation and remediation, to carry out all-round, multi-level, dragnet, no safety hazard investigation dead angle and non blind area, to ensure that no a leak, missed one.The key for the investigation and remediation of

notification requirements, around the real estate and urban construction departments should establish a sound housing security identification mechanism, to enable a unified "housing security identification, carry out dedicated seal" the area housing safety appraisal work. The relevant departments of the investigation found that the problem should be one by one rectification, eliminate hidden dangers, the existence of security risks of housing, to strengthen the supervision, rectification in place. For the masses of grassroots housing security risks of clues and signs, the first time rushed to the scene to see a danger, must be timely treatment, to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property; to find the existence of serious security risks, should be ordered to immediately rectification.  

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